The Five Unmistakable Signs of Substance Abuse like Drug and Alcohol Abuse

April 30, 2008

Substance abuse is also called as chemical dependency. Simply put, it is the dependency of a person on a particular substance, or to its active chemical ingredient, to the point of losing control over the use and continuing it even if harmful health effects are becoming obvious.

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How to Choose a Drug Addiction Intervention Specialist for Your Loved One

April 29, 2008

Since an interventionist is going to be so important in the entire drug treatment program, it becomes extremely important that you exercise great care in selecting them. You can say that you are almost entrusting the wellbeing of your chemically dependent family member to the interventionist. The following are some points that you must be particular about:-

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The Aspects of a Drug Addiction Treatment that most People do not Know of

April 28, 2008


Most people think that drug addiction treatment is only about drug rehab where a detoxification program is conducted and steps are taken to make the withdrawal process as pleasant as possible. Now, while this is really a part of the drug addiction program, it is definitely not all that the drug addiction treatment center will do.

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Reading Signs of Heroin Addiction in People who are into Heroin Abuse

April 27, 2008


A heroin addiction can be very easily indicated by observing the external characteristics of the person. These signals are made use of when the person is admitted into a heroin addiction treatment program.

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Psyching Someone to Join for an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center

April 26, 2008

It is certainly a very daunting task to get someone to accept that there’s an alcohol problem with them and then seek professional medical help in an alcohol rehab center. There’s always a period of denial at the outset, where the person with refuse outright that there’s any problem with him or her and that no treatment is required.

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Small Things that can Keep You Away from Substance Abuse

April 25, 2008

Any addict would be quite happy to know that there are methods by which he or she can be kept away from substance abuse without actually having to become an inpatient of a forbidding substance abuse treatment center. There are of course ways and means in which you can work away your addiction yourself, but you will have to make very sure that you stick with those methods.

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The Main Elements of an Addiction Treatment Program

April 24, 2008

All addiction treatment programs follow the following basic steps for ensuring their success.

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The Attitude you Must keep During an Alcohol Intervention

April 23, 2008


It is going to be very difficult for you if you planning an alcohol intervention for someone close to you. An alcohol intervention means providing support and taking up the responsibility of bringing the person out of the alcoholism habit.

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Myths About Drug Rehab

April 22, 2008

When people have a drug issue, the immediate reaction of those around them is that they need to go to drug rehab. Because of the many negative connotations that society has managed to connect drug rehab with, some of the people who may need it the most will ignore it.

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Addiction Rehab

April 21, 2008

Drug and alcohol abuse are on the rise. It is not just a weakness in those addicted, it is a real disease and psychological as well as physiological dependence on the drug. Some will say that an alcoholic or a drug addict can quit if they want to.

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