Addiction Intervention Makes a Difference

The affects of substance abuse often cloud the addict’s mind. Addicts never think that those around them are aware of their problem. If you have noticed a change in someone you care about, do not let him or her continue to suffer when there is no need. A common mistake is feeling there is an acceptable amount of drug use. Hoping that it will get better if you just let it run its course. Addiction never gets better; it only gets worse. The moment you think your loved one is involved in drug abuse your next thought should be of an addiction intervention. Here are a few tips that can help the addiction interventions chance of success.

Staging an Addiction Intervention

Gather together a reasonable sized group of people that are willing to participate in an addiction intervention. Make sure this includes people who the addict respects and cares about. Often times these people are the closest to the addict. This can lead them to question their involvement with the person that the addict has become. Others still might be angry at the addict for their actions. Through meeting and discussions amongst the group these feelings need to be narrowed down to one clear message.

Addiction Intervention Day

When the day of the addiction intervention arrives all the members of the group will present themselves as one. It is best to choose a location that will leave the addict feeling comfortable. If the addict or the group can’t make this happen due to scheduling don’t let that stop an addiction intervention.

It is more important that the addict get the help they need, than that the addiction intervention go perfectly. The first thing is to make the addict feel safe.

The addict will be assured that the people who are there are present only because they care for, and are concerned about them. Often time the addiction intervention can be shocking to the addict. To some extent that is the goal. The addicts drug abuse blinds them from seeing their own actions and judgments.

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