Binge Drinking In College

Alcohol abuse is growing problem on college campuses in the United States. People have associated high rates of alcohol consumption with college students and young adults for a very long time. However, it appears that this problem is truly getting out of hand. Alcohol abuse seems to be causing more violent behaviors on college campuses and even riots in the past decade. This has led a number of college campuses to make alcohol consumption and possession illegal, even for those over the age of 21.

Binge drinking is usually cited as the cause for these problems. Teens and young adults are increasingly tending to drink very large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. This leads to destructive behaviors and the very real risks of alcohol poisoning and developing alcoholism.

Binge drinking is associated with blacking out and other medical conditions.

A college student with an alcoholism or alcohol abuse problem faces many dire social consequences. They are likely to drop out of school after having worked hard to get into college. Alcoholism makes them more likely to face legal problems.

Sexual assault on women is frequently linked to drugs and alcohol.

College students who suffer from substance abuse damage personal relationships and lose jobs.

These things can set the young adult far behind in life if the alcoholism is not dealt with quickly and effectively. Additionally, alcohol poisoning is frequently seen in college students who binge drink and become out of control. Alcohol poisoning is potentially fatal.

Whether they suffer from alcoholism or not, many college students don’t realize the dangers of binge drinking. This is especially true if they do it infrequently or all of their they see their friends doing the same thing.

However, it only takes one night of binge drinking to die from alcohol poisoning.

Young adults with an alcohol abuse problem should be encouraged to start seeking addiction treatment help.

College Binge Drinking Infographic
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