Tussionex Abuse, Signs, Symptoms, and Addiction Treatment

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Tussionex is a prescription form of cough syrup that contains chlorpheniramine and hydrocodone. Tussionex can cause a dangerous overdose if taken in large enough doses. The drug, like other opioid-based medications, can cause respiratory depression to the point of stopping one’s breathing altogether, and an individual who overdoses on it will require immediate treatment. Possible effects of a Tussionex overdose include coma, brain damage and death.

Ryzolt Abuse, Signs, Symptoms, and Addiction Treatment

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Ryzolt is one of the brand names of the opioid drug tramadol. Ryzolt can be habit-forming, but it can also cause severe effects like no other opioid can, including a life-threatening withdrawal syndrome seen in certain patients. Tramadol withdrawal” is a syndrome associated with hallucinations, paranoia, panic attacks and other psychotic effects. A person could potentially overdose on the drug, causing respiratory depression that can be deadly.

Speed Abuse, Signs, Symptoms, and Addiction Treatment

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Speed can cause severe physical and psychological effects when used recreationally, and many individuals who choose to use it this way commonly become addicted to the effects of this drug class. A person will likely become more animated, excited, and talkative while on the drug. Many people also experience severe weight loss that can lead to malnourishment. Decreased sleep that occurs while a person is on the drug only intensifies the severity of its psychotic effects.

Psychedelic Mushrooms Abuse and Treatment Information

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Psychedelic mushrooms are a type of dangerous hallucinogenic drug. When people abuse psychedelic mushrooms, they put themselves at serious risk of deadly consequences. Drug mushrooms contain a psychedelic chemical known as psilocybin. Hallucinogens often affect the body by causing delirium, and intensification of the senses. People are also more likely to commit dangerous acts during a bad trip, and this is often the cause of hallucinogen-related deaths.

Drugs Used to Treat Alcohol Disorders

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Alcohol use disorders affect millions of adult Americans. In order to properly address the problem, professional treatment needs to be provided. All treatment differs, based on a number of factors, but the majority of them offer classes, support groups, and behavioral therapy. However, many people look outside of these offerings, hoping to find a treatment method that incorporates a pharmacological (or medication) based approach.

Alcoholism Rehabilitation

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When a person realizes that they have an alcohol use disorder, the obvious choice is to seek out rehabilitation. Before a person gets into all of the approaches to alcohol rehab and various activities offered, they should just start with a simple visit to the doctor. There is no single standard for alcohol rehab. They all tend to have some basics and to develop individual programs around them. One of the basic building blocks of any program is behavioral treatments.