Medicinal Addiction Treatment Programs for Heroin Rehab in Maryland

Though Maryland has launched various buprenorphine initiatives for the treatment of its opioid addiction problem, including heroin abuse and addiction, it must be noted that there are some other treatment measures used in the state too. Heroin rehab in Maryland employs methadone, buprenorphine and the lesser-known naltrexone for treatment. The following is a brief summary of how these substances are administered.

Buprenorphine Treatment in Maryland

The buprenorphine addiction treatment in Maryland is conducted on an inpatient as well as an outpatient basis. Buprenorphine itself is an opioid and hence it is important to monitor its usage. However, buprenorphine does not cause highly severe addiction symptoms and it can be weaned away easily. In order to reduce the addictive effect of buprenorphine, another substance called naloxone can be added to it. This is actually the composition of the FDA approved drug Suboxone which is used in the heroin treatment program in Maryland. A stronger form of buprenorphine known as Subutex is also used.

Methadone Treatment in Maryland

Methadone has been used for a long time in Maryland but now its use is being slowly curtailed. The drug is highly addictive in itself and can be fatal if mixed with some other drugs. Hence, methadone is always part of inpatient addiction rehab in Maryland. Also, it is very important how it is administered and it cannot be stopped all of a sudden. Physician care is very important when methadone therapy is conducted.

Naltrexone Treatment

Naltrexone is used as a substitute for heroin in the presence of buprenorphine. A person’s heroin addiction can be converted into naltrexone use within three to five days provided buprenorphine is used simultaneously.

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