The Fight in Recovery

Addiction recovery never ends. It will be an ongoing struggle in the beginning stages. It will progress though, becoming a matter of day-to-day maintenance instead of a moment to moment struggle. Eventually the tools that you gain in recovery will no longer help you make the right choices. Instead of choices, you will have the right habits. No longer will you be consciously choosing to avoid drugs. You will be living a life style of drug rehabilitation.

Addiction Struggles

It is a struggle in the early stages. Remember though, this struggle should be done well. This is where the foundation is laid for the habits of rehabilitation. Good decisions and choices now will be what helps you throughout your substance addiction recovery program and beyond.

We are in a different struggle. We struggle to overcome one main myth of recovery: Addiction can be overcome alone. This falsehood is at the root of countless relapses into drug addiction. Addicts begin to see that they’re in need of drug rehabilitation. They get up the will power and courage to stop their drug abuse. Then the addiction clouds their thinking so that they believe they can run their own addiction recovery program.

Attempting recovery on your own isn’t any more reasonable than trying to do any other job on your own. You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself. You wouldn’t build a bridge on your own. These are jobs that require great knowledge. They are also jobs that require cooperation and teamwork. We certainly know we can’t help provide addiction rehabilitation for you, without you coming to us. It is necessary that you realize you can’t reach complete a drug treatment program on your own. Not only is it not possible, it is not necessary. We are both looking for the same thing, your life long addiction rehabilitation. Why wouldn’t we work together to achieve that goal.

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