The Unrelenting Issue of Methamphetamine and Crystal Meth Addiction in Georgia

A handful of states in America are suffering from a very drastic methamphetamine addiction problem. Though all states of America have a presence of methamphetamine on their soil, some of the states are the hardest hit. One of these states is Georgia.

Georgia has a burgeoning methamphetamine addiction problem which does not seem to go away despite arduous efforts put in by the state towards that effect. Specific pockets in the state of Georgia are more drastically affected by methamphetamine than others. These areas are the metro areas of the state, notably Atlanta, Dalton and Gainesville.

The use of methamphetamine in Georgia is rampant in these areas, especially in the form of crystal meth known popularly as ice. Crystal meth in Georgia is produced secretly in small laboratories throughout the state, but especially in the areas mentioned above.

Another aspect of the crystal meth addiction in Georgia is the crime that it has given rise to. A large number of arrests in the state are due to crimes committed under the influence of methamphetamine. There are also direct crimes related to methamphetamine or crystal meth in Georgia such as trafficking, clandestine production, etc.

The sorry picture of the methamphetamine and crystal meth addiction in Georgia is that most people try and give up the drug on their own. They try devices such as abstinence. But since these drugs are highly addictive, they can produce very severe withdrawal effects. This makes people to go back to consuming the drug again.

That’s the reason why Georgia has established several drug addiction treatment centers that specifically address the methamphetamine addiction issue. Methamphetamine treatment centers in Georgia can be found throughout the state, but mainly in the metro regions.

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