Why Teens Turn to Prescription Drug Abuse

Teenagers can become involved with prescription drug abuse through various means – usually it starts out with experimentation, which is the most dangerous stage of prescription drug abuse. Teenagers who abuse prescription drugs tend to not see the potential effects of their actions on the future.

Teenagers today who abuse drugs aren’t using the standby drugs of marijuana, cocaine, LSD and alcohol as much as they are abusing prescription drugs. Teens often abuse prescription drugs in order to get high, because they’re often much easier to obtain – all they have to do is go into their parents’ medicine cabinet.

There’s a tendency among teenagers to feel invincible, like nothing can hurt them, not even prescription substance abuse. Because of this, some will experiment with prescription drugs and stop, whereas others will feel no effect and fall fully into prescription drug abuse.

Others can immediately develop a habit of prescription drug abuse, which is when immediate intervention is needed.

Prescription drugs are meant to be used to alleviate the symptoms of a disease, but as with any other drug, many people have begun to suffer from prescription drug abuse, such as oxycontin, Ritalin or other drugs. These drugs can have major effects.

Many people first experiment with prescription drugs because they think they will be able to fit in more effectively, lose weight or they think that the prescription drug will help their mental functioning to improve. Also, it’s usually easier to acquire prescription drugs than it is to get other, more illegal drugs, from a family member of a friend, but sometimes prescription drugs are sold on the street.

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