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Alaska Sobriety and Addiction Treatment

Finding an Alaska alcohol or drug dependence recovery treatment center can help get you or your loved one’s life back on track.

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Looking for more information on Alaska drug abuse facilities and/or Alaska alcohol treatment facilities is likely what brought you here. The very first thing you need to know is that there is help available and you aren’t alone with your problems. Alaska alcohol rehabilitation programs and Alaska drug treatment centers are available to help with intervention and addiction recovery throughout the state.

The Need For More Treatment Centers In Alaska

There is an increasing need for Alaska addiction treatment centers and this is becoming more evident as the number of Alaska residents with alcoholism and drug abuse issues continues to accelerate. Drug abuse and alcoholism can destroy health, ruin finances and career opportunities, break up families and weaken the addict’s health. The quality of life for the addict and all the people around them, including the Alaska community they live in are negatively impacted by drug abuse and alcoholism. The communities in Alaska see a rise in abuse, crime, poverty and violence.

People, who live in Alaska with drug abuse and alcoholism, or dual diagnosis of both, are on a steady decline in their lives. Without Alaska addiction treatment and intervention, many of them will end up dead or incarcerated. The family members and friends of addicts often feel incapable of helping or staging an intervention. Seeking help from an Alaska alcohol rehab facility or Alaska drug intervention center is one of the most difficult forms of help to seek out. It’s normal to feel angry and resentful towards an addict even though many don’t show these emotions outwardly towards the addict or others.

The State Of Addiction In Alaska

The statistics of drug abuse and alcoholism in Alaska show that 39,000 people had an alcohol dependence problem in 2005 while 18,000 had an illicit drug abuse addiction or dependency. The same studies show that 37,000 of the Alaskans who had an alcohol abuse problem did not receive the alcohol rehab they needed. 18,000 drug addicts did not receive the drug intervention they required.

Addicts who are in the later stages of alcoholism and drug abuse are usually not able to find the help they need from Alaska treatment facilities for alcohol rehabilitation or drug intervention. Instead they often revert to their addiction, getting more deeply involved, escalating their use and are involved in such a vicious circle that they can not find their way out on their own and won’t without an intervention, being admitted into an Alaska alcohol treatment center or drug rehab facility.

Alaska Addiction Treatment

The current success rate of Alaska alcohol intervention programs and drug rehab facilities is bleak despite the dedication of professionals and families who work hard for the Alaska treatment programs and rehab facilities. The goal of Alaska addiction recovery services is to return an addict to society as a fully functional member and give them the tools and skills necessary to lead a drug and alcohol free life, while restoring their health, careers, finances and relationships with people they love.

There is a mounting need for more Alaska drug treatment facilities and Alaska alcohol rehab programs, and no one knows this better than the family members and friends of current addicts. However, there are Alaska addiction treatment centers for alcoholism and drug abuse and they are only a phone call away – from here you can take the next step to recovery.

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