Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs

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The term partial hospitalization addiction treatment program usually describes something that is in between residential and outpatient rehab programs in terms of intensity and level of care. In most cases, patients do not actually live at the facility with partial hospitalization treatment. They may live at home or in a transitional house but spend most of their days from morning until evening at the drug rehab center.

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Substitution Theory in Addiction Treatment Centers

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Some drug addiction and alcoholism treatment programs use a method of treatment that focuses on transferring the addict’s attention to something else that is more positive than substance abuse. This is called substitution theory. Addiction rehab centers may use different activities to replace drug and alcohol abuse in an addicts life. They often concentrate on learning new skills because this requires focusing a lot of attention that can be moved away from the old, negative habits.

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Many Options of Treatment Centers

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The number of choices of available in addiction treatment can quickly become overwhelming for people trying to find the best rehab center to suit their individual needs. This is true for the addict as well as family members who are trying to choose a program for someone else. Detox centers, outpatient treatment centers, residential rehab programs, and hospital services are just a few of the things to look into, and the specific facilities within those categories vary widely, as well.

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Cultivating Positive Relationships After Drug Addiction Treatment

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A lifestyle that is ruled by drug addiction or alcoholism is often a lonely one. This disease likes to force you to suffer by yourself so that other people can not have the influence to stop it. You have likely hurt and alienated the people that you care about most. True friends are replaced by those who make it easier to engage in substance abuse. Because of this, addiction recovery involves cultivating new relationships in your life to fill the void.

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Using Cognitive Therapy in Addiction Treatment

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Behavioral-cognitive therapy is one of the most common treatment methods offered in addiction rehab centers. The idea behind this type of counseling is that thoughts create feelings, and feelings lead to behaviors. Therefore, in order to change an individual’s behaviors, you should first begin by changing their thoughts. Analyzing and changing destructive thoughts can alter person’s perception of the way things are and lead to changed behaviors.

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The Fight in Recovery

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Addiction recovery never ends. It is a struggle in the early stages. This is where the foundation is laid for the habits of rehabilitation. Good decisions and choices now will be what helps you throughout your substance addiction recovery program and beyond. Addiction can be overcome alone. This falsehood is at the root of countless relapses into drug addiction. Addicts begin to see that they’re in need of drug rehabilitation.

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