Substance Abuse and Its Safety in Pregnancy

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It can be difficult to determine what the proper protocol for alcohol and drug abuse in pregnant women is. There are many factors to consider when determining whether or not detox can be done safely. It first needs to be determined if the unborn child is addicted to the drug as well. If detox is done safely and under the care of a specialist there is a good chance that the unborn child will not be born with an addiction to the substance the pregnant woman was detoxed from.

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Methamphetamine Treatment

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A healthy lifestyle resulting from sobriety is the focus of methamphetamine (or any substance) treatment. The goal is educating the patient how to feel good and live without the use of any substance. First and foremost, the patient needs to be honest with themselves and with others regarding the addiction and the need for help. Until this point in their lives is reached, there is not much hope that any treatment, no matter how often the occurrence, will ever be successful.

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Substance Abuse Resources

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Finding substance abuse resources is not as difficult as it once might have been. For those who prefer the old-fashioned way of doing things, many counties have mental health programs or adult services that can help a person looking to overcome a substance abuse problem. An Internet surfer can find information about the AA, its traditions, and a web surfer can find information about AA meetings held close to his home.

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Intervention in Drug Addiction

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An intervention can help save the life of a drug addict. This intervention can come from a family member or a friend. Help can be administered in many ways to someone suffering from drug addiction. The first step is to quit enabling the addict. Enabling means helping the addiction. Admitting you know about the problem is the first step. The addict may be surprised by this acknowledgment. They feel the drug problem is a well kept secret.

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Stages of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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There are five stages of drug and alcohol abuse: experimentation, regular use, problem or risky use, dependence, and addiction. People generally progress though these phases as they become addicted to substances. Knowing them can help people recognize addiction in family members and friends, as well as themselves. The sooner addiction treatment is sought, the better. Rehabilitation is much easier in the early stages.

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