Prescription Drugs (or prescription medications) are pharmaceutical substances that can be legally dispensed. In our case, Prescription drugs will also cover over-the-counter drugs (which can be obtained without a prescription.)

What Is Zanaflex?

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Zanaflex is intended for spasm relief that is caused by specific activities. Zanaflex can cause a person to develop a physical dependency over time. Getting off from the is not something that should be done abruptly or without medical attention. The body will go through a process of withdrawals that can be dangerous, painful and damaging. This process is the body’s way of fighting the removal of the drug from the system and can only be controlled with a detox process administered at a drug rehab center.

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What Is Lexapro?

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Lexapro is a type of antidepressant used to treat people going through major depression issues and stuggling with depressive disorders. It should be known that Lexapro is a prescription drug that can bring about an addiction. Some of the sexual side effects associated with taking Lexapro are a decreased libido, erectile problems, problems achieving orgasm, and an impairment in genital sensation. Talking to a professional drug counselor is a good idea for anybody that wants to get off Lexapro.

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What Is Metadate?

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Metadate is a prescription drug that should not be combined with other drugs. Metadate abuse can be very dangerous and taking the drug more than the recommended dosage can bring about an irregular heartbeat, high body temperature and can lead to seizures and even heart failure. A professional drug addiction counselor should always be consulted when a person wants to deal with their Metadate addiction. They can steer a person to the right type of treatment for their specific addiction.

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What Is Lorcet?

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Hydrocodone, which is in Lorcet, addiction is on the rise on the United States. Just like with any type of narcotic abuse Lorcet abuse can bring about both physical as well as psychological risks. If the drug is stopped too quickly or even if the dose is reduced too quickly withdrawal symptoms may occur. Any time a person has a Lorcet addiction and they are serious about getting help, it is a good idea for them to talk to a professional drug addiction counselor.

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What Is Lomotil?

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Lomotil is prescribed for the treatment of diarrhea. When Lomotil is abused, it can cause severe constipation. If constipation becomes so bad that tears or leakage of the bowel occurs, the waste can spread to other parts of the body, causing this condition. This can actually be fatal. When a person uses Lomotil to bring on sleep, this can lead to breathing being suppressed, which can cause oxygen deprivation. This can lead to brain damage or even death.

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What Is Oramorph?

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Oramorph is a narcotic pain medication that contains morphine, a drug which is addictive, and therefore is known to have a fairly high incidence of abuse. It is prescribed when a person will require pain relief for more than just a few days. Morphine affects the central nervous system of the body. This system controls breathing, heart function, and brain activity. When Oramorph is abused, the “slowing down” process can become so slow as to cause breathing problems or to allow for changes in heartbeat.

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