Prescription Drugs (or prescription medications) are pharmaceutical substances that can be legally dispensed. In our case, Prescription drugs will also cover over-the-counter drugs (which can be obtained without a prescription.)

What Is Methylin?

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The consequences that are associated with Methylin can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. If you take a stimulant drug such as this one in a high dosage amount, then you may cause changes in your heartbeat and body temperature and even the potential for seizures or for cardiovascular failure. Combining Methylin with other medications can significantly impact your blood pressure or can lead to inconsistencies in your heart rhythms.

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What Is Mebaral?

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Mebaral has been known to interact with other medications and has been known to be habit-forming, so it is advised against suddenly stopping its use as it may cause withdrawal symptoms. Although these symptoms are relatively mild and not life threatening, they can prove to be quite uncomfortable for the patient. Physical dependency on Mebaral and the uncomfortable symptoms associated with a physical withdrawal can be treated with the help of a drug rehab center.

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What Is Kadian?

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Kadian comes in capsule form and it is a prescribed drug that is a synthetic opiate. The drug is physician prescribed and the main use is for the relief of pain, especially severe pain. The Kadian capsules are very powerful and because of this it is a drug that can be extremely addictive. An addict using Kadian can have high blood pressure and the heart rate can be elevated, which is why severe addicts can face a heart attack, a stroke, or a blood clot.

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What Is Darvon?

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Darvon is a drug that is easily abused, as an addiction forms pretty rapidly when the medication is used contrary to its labeled uses. People who abuse Darvon have a tendency to use the medications in dangerous ways, such as by crushing the small tablets into a powder that they can snort and more. Since taking the drug in its typical form was risky enough on its own, engaging in these specific practices is even more dangerous and could put users in serious risk of coma or death.

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What Is Codeine?

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Codeine, like many of the other narcotic pain medication family members, can be very addictive and great care should be taken when under this prescription. It is important that the person taking this medication refrain from drinking alcohol as it can be very dangerous and cause multiple side effects. When you stop taking Codeine suddenly, the symptoms of withdrawal are generally going to kick in fairly quickly. While you can certainly try to stop on your own it is not advised that you stop abruptly as it is unsafe.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Prescriptions Soaring in Past Decade

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According to a study on alcohol addiction over the past decade, from 2003 until today, prescriptions for the addiction to alcohol have soared by as much as 70 percent. Prescription medications are just one of the options available for people struggling with substance abuse issues such as alcoholism. The right help is out there if you are struggling with alcoholism and looking to overcome the problem once and for all.

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