Teen Opium Addiction

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Opium is a highly addictive drug. Both a physical and a psychological addiction can develop quite quickly, and the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with opium addiction are serious and difficult to deal with. If your teen is dealing with an opium addiction, then it is going to be vitally essential that you know how to spot and address the problem so that you can help. As a parent, you should feel obligated to keep your teen healthy and happy.

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Teen Codeine Addiction

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Codeine is a narcotic medication designed for the purpose of pain relief. It is capable of dulling the senses as well as altering behavior and mood. Codeine addiction does not begin in the way that an illicit drug addiction might. Your teen probably began taking codeine for a legitimate purpose such as a sports injury, but then taking the prescription medication got out of hand. As a parent, you should be monitoring the way that your children take their medicine.

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Teen GHB Addiction

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Spotting substance abuse is not always easy. When your teen is high on GHB, you are probably going to notice a number of small personality changes. Personality changes, changes in what interests them and changes in personal grooming habits are all signs and symptoms that something is going on with your child. Be careful not to throw accusations around until you have concrete evidence, otherwise you may end up making the problem worse sooner than better.

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Teen Eating Disorders

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It is hardly uncommon for teenagers to experience self-image problems, especially when it comes to teen aged girls. Unfortunately, it is these self-image issues that can easily become something more serious, an eating disorder. There are several main types of eating disorders, but “disordered eating” can manifest in many different ways. If your teen is dealing with disordered eating, its important to seek support and help him / her develop a healthier view of eating and self-image.

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Teen Diet Pill Addiction

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One of the most common non-illicit drug addictions that befall teenagers and children is an addiction to diet pills. Diet pills are easy to come by and relatively inexpensive to acquire. Eating disorders, especially those that cause an addiction to diet pills, are serious business and they are going to require that you get your teen some real help. Understanding where your teen is coming from is the first step to knowing how to provide your teen the help that he or she needs.

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Teen Inhalant Addiction

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When a teenager with a drug problem cannot get their hands on the big drugs like cocaine or heroin, they often look for a high in some other place. One such place is to achieve a high through huffing inhalants. Inhalants are not actually drugs, they are seemingly innocuous household items that can produce a high when their gasses or fumes are inhaled. Unfortunately, because these are chemicals, they can be extremely harmful when they are used in this manner.

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