Christian Treatment Centers for Alcohol Abuse

People with a strong Christian faith are often tied to a close-knit community who share the same values. When alcohol addiction become a problem, substance abusers typically divorce themselves from the community and fall into a pattern of isolation.

Rehabilitation asks them once again to socialize and to join a group, but they may have a hard time with that because they prefer joining in with like minded individuals. In this instance, a Christian treatment center may be the solution.

However, Christian rehab isn’t just beneficial for those who already have a belief in Jesus Christ. They can also be a place of healing and recovery for people who do not yet identify as Christian but are also not opposed to it. They may find themselves identifying as Christian by the end of the program and that may be a way to strengthen their community and their recovery.

The following should cover the basics of Christian treatment for alcohol addiction, including some research on whether or not it works (spoiler: it does!).

What Is a Christian Center for Alcohol Abuse?

Through a Christian lens, an alcohol addiction is a way to fill a void, and that void is a spiritual one. By working to cultivate your spiritual roots, you should blossom into recovery with a renewed faith.

Although, Christian rehab centers have a spiritual perspective on treatment and recovery, they largely offer the same methods of care that you would experience in any other program. You will still be encouraged to attend 12-step meetings, therapy, and classes. You will still have access to medication. You can still go in-state or some distance for care. You can even pick inpatient or outpatient.

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The only substantial difference is that Christianity will be used throughout as a way to heal. Counselors will be Christian-centered and often will tie lessons from the Bible into therapy sessions. Scripture recitation will happen regularly. And, worship is observed as well.

Do You Need to Be Christian in Order to Benefit from Christian Treatment?

If you firmly object to Christianity or a general belief in a singular higher power, Christian treatment for alcohol abuse will drive you crazy. Do not seek one out.

However, if you want to develop a spiritual connection and you don’t yet have a solidified perception of what that will look like for you, a faith-based program could help you to identify your belief system and use that system to support your recovery.

A study of eighty-six Chinese men addicted to heroin assessed them during different stages of a gospel drug rehab center. After them men converted, they showed:

  • A decrease in their depressive symptoms.
  • A decrease in their hopelessness symptoms.
  • An increase in their purpose in life.

Although these men were not initially Christian, they benefited from the treatment and they even converted.

What Are the Benefits of Attending Christian Rehab?

If your Christianity is a central part of your life, the largest benefit is that you can speak to the staff about it and you can trust that they understand.

Rehab is a particularly trying time, as your brain and your body learn to function without alcohol, and it can take a psychological toll. All rehabs will be able to address the mental exhaustion of the process, but only Christina rehab will be able to address those feelings from a place of Christianity and find answers in scripture.

Further, you can trust that your peers are looking for answers in their Christianity as well. This means you can fellowship with them on multiple levels. This connection can help you to understand that many people with a firm faith struggle with alcohol addiction. You aren’t alone.

You will also be able to serve as an example and use your faith to counsel others. This can help you to feel purposeful.

Further, Research Demonstrates:

  • Spirituality is an independent and significant predictor of recovery and/or improvement in outcome.
  • Levels of spirituality are greater in those with successful recovery.
  • Length of sobriety is positively linked to spirituality.
  • Commitment to a higher power often decreases the severity of relapse.
Attending an alcohol abuse program that includes a Christian component will further develop your spirituality and the biggest boon may be that a stronger faith leads to better recovery outcomes.
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