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Co-Occurring Disorders & Addiction

Co-occurring disorders were previously referred to as dual diagnoses. People with a mental health disorder are much more likely than people without them to have an alcohol or substance use addiction as well. Co-occurring disorders can be difficult to diagnose due to the complexity and severity of symptoms. In the past, mental health disorders and addiction problems were often treated with separate approaches and plans, however, we now know that co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders impact one another and must be treated together.

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Effective, research-based interventions and treatment options are available for patients with addiction, depression, and certain other co-occurring disorders. Call us today to discuss a plan that is right for you.

About Anxiety Disorders

Every year around forty million American adults alone are affected by a mental health issues that falls into the category of anxiety disorders. Each type of anxiety disorder is different and so are their symptoms. Even though each of the anxiety disorders above has their own distinguishing set of symptoms, the emotional and physical symptoms of fear, worry and anxiety are extreme and irrational. The intense symptoms associated with anxiety disorders are persistent and interferes with a person’s life in every way.

Multiple Addictions and Rehab Centers

People sometimes suffer from more than one addiction at the same time. This is not at all uncommon with different types of drug addiction and alcoholism. Some of the other conditions that often occur along with substance abuse are a gambling addiction, sex addiction, or eating disorder, which is sometimes a food addiction. The same issues, causes, and triggers are often involved when an individual has two or more of these problems.

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