Codependency Issues in the Family Treatment Program for Alcohol Abuse in Pennsylvania

Out of every 10 persons who genuinely need alcohol addiction treatment in Pennsylvania, only 1 person actually registers for treatment. What is the reason for so many people staying away from addiction treatment even when there are so many options available, with some even totally free for the people? There are several reasons, but one of the main factor is least expected. The family can sometimes stop their own members from entering into treatment. Strange though it may seem, this happens quite often.

Families do not stop their members from getting treatment on purpose. However, there are certain situations in which this happens. Consider an example where there is someone addicted to alcohol within a family. Now, the family will not want to bring this out into the open. Whenever there are social situations, they will try to hide this person’s habit. Even in cases where there has been an undesirable consequence, they will try to hide things. But all these can lead the person to do further into the addiction. The person may feel that alcoholism is an acceptable habit and in any case, his or her family is there for support.

Pennsylvania Addiction Treatment Locations

  • York – (717) 779-1377
  • Gibsonia – (724) 498-0421
  • Allegheny – (724) 400-4274
  • Lancaster – (717) 798-9650
  • Wilkes Barre – (570) 213-7941
  • Allentown – (484) 846-6263
  • Philadelphia – (267) 244-9226
  • Landsale – (267) 415-1524
  • Mechanicsburg – (717) 798-9698
  • Carlisle – (717) 798-9647
  • Williamsport – (570) 213-7942
  • Bristol – (267) 415-1112

This is what is known as codependency and it is a burning problem with alcohol addiction in Pennsylvania. There are several alcoholism counseling programs that try to coach families on how they can stay away from this situation and in fact work constructively in getting treatment for the person. The alcohol intervention in Pennsylvania is quite aggressive in such campaigning.

codependency intervention infographic
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