Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

The Crystal Meth Anonymous, as its name suggests, is a global organization that reaches out to people in methamphetamine addiction and guides them for proper treatment.

The method used for the treatment in all Crystal Meth Anonymous groups is the famous 12 Step Program, initially made famous by the Alcoholics Anonymous. The method mingles spirituality with an awareness of need for treatment in the patient. The first Crystal Meth Anonymous group was founded in California and since then it has spread in over a hundred places of the US alone. The Crystal Meth Anonymous is also spread out into Canada and in far countries like Australia and New Zealand. Crystal meth is a very addictive substance and it is very difficult to treat its addiction in people. That is why the success that Crystal Meth Anonymous has achieved in treating meth addiction is certainly commendable. The total success rate is 64%. This is the number of people who never again used crystal meth after joining the program. Out of the remaining 36%, 20% of people used crystal meth only once after joining the program. In the remaining 16% of people, joining the Crystal Meth Anonymous group has not yet helped them to come over their addiction.

The main purpose of the Crystal Meth Anonymous groups is to try and achieve total abstinent from methamphetamine usage. But they also try to protect people from the correlated problems of meth abuse, which includes indulging in unsafe sex and getting the risk of an HIV infection during an episode of a meth high.
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