Faith Based Alcohol Addiction Help

Whether you grow up with a spiritual practice that shapes your belief system or you adopt a practice in later life, you still have the same chance that it is a cornerstone of your life. In many ways, an alcohol addiction may make you feel like you are decreasing the importance of faith in your life by replacing it with alcohol. When your faith has been something that directed your life, something you felt you could always depend upon, this failure to uphold it is crushing.

But, there are many faith-based alcohol addiction treatments that center on faith and they can both help you to recover from an alcohol use disorder and help you to embrace once again the religion that has stood by you for so long.

The following should help you to better understand faith based alcohol addiction help, including the benefits identified by research.

What Is Faith Based Alcoholism Treatment?

Most methods of treatment contain the same basic components:

  • Support Groups
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Classes

Even medication is a staple if you are receiving medical treatment. Faith based rehab doesn’t change the basics. You can still expect all of the same methods as any other rehab because these are the ones that have been linked to positive outcomes.

Faith Based Addiction

What faith based treatment does instead is that it adds a layer of spiritual practice. The staff will share the faith that is associated with the treatment program. This means that you can expect them to be knowledgeable about your recovery, addiction medicine, and faith. Further, the scriptures of your faith will also be worked into therapy sessions and often into meal times. Additionally, most programs will have services that you are required to attend.

How Will It Help Me?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, studies that track individuals in treatment over lengthy periods of time show that the majority of people who enter and remain in treatment:

  • Halt using drugs.
  • Lessen criminal activity.
  • Increase their occupational functioning.
  • Increase their social functioning.
  • Increase their psychological functioning.

So, you already have a basic foundation of improvement just from getting alcohol addiction help. But, faith based treatment adds to that. Research indicates:

  • Length of abstinence is positively linked to religiousness.
  • Dedication to a higher power may decrease the harshness of relapse incidents.
  • When looking back, recovering addicts often cite spirituality as a vital part of their sobriety effort.

Faith-based treatment offers the advantage of allowing you to fellowship with other adherents of your religion, which can help you find common ground and interests and bonds that sustain a relationship. This will be familiar to you from past experiences and that can help off-set some of the isolation that sets in during active alcohol addiction.

Also, you serve as an example and your successes serve as successes to others. Most, if not all, religions encourage their adherents to give back to their community. Given your limited resources in treatment, this can be a way to do that.

Researching Faith Based Alcohol Addiction Help?

When searching for a faith based program, you should begin by looking for a program that meets your rehab needs first and foremost. Faith is obviously an important component, but it won’t save a program that is terrible to begin with.

Inquire into treatment options. There are components you can expect (like therapy and 12-step groups), but those also come in many varieties. So, you need to ask about the approach taken in the program. What specific options are offered? What principles guide treatment? If these don’t jibe with your expectations, pick another program.

Ask about the faith basis. “Faith based” is a broad term. You will want to make sure that your belief system is in harmony with that of the program. If you belong to a sect of Christianity, it may be enough to have the program be Christian. However, if you need your specific faith to be represented, you need to look for a treatment facility that will give you that.

Question how spiritual principles are integrated into care. Having your faith align with that of your alcohol addiction treatment is good. But, you will also want to know how that faith is used. Will you be required to attend services? How will the bible be integrated? Make sure that you are comfortable with their approach.

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