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Finding an Hawaii alcohol or drug dependence recovery treatment center can help get you or your loved one’s life back on track.

“I am alone and powerless.” These two feelings are realities of drug abuse and alcoholism. It’s not just addicts that feel powerless over the hold that drugs and alcohol seems to have on them, but their loved ones also feel it too. The Hawaii communities feel the sting of drug abuse and alcoholism as well, with increased crime rates, violence, abuse and poverty. There is help, you are not powerless, and you certainly are not alone with your addiction. There is a Hawaii drug abuse treatment program or alcohol rehabilitation center that can help you overcome this obstacle.

Hawaii Addiction Recovery Information

Dependencies on alcohol and drugs, or both, ruin lives. The people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol are often physically, emotionally and mentally drained. Their addictions fight against their lives and also have a negative affect on their social lives as well. Jobs are lost, relationships are destroyed, marriages and families broken up, finances completely drained and Hawaii communities are riddled with crime and abusive people. These are all side effects of drug abuse and alcoholism – but there is help. Hawaii treatment programs for addiction recovery can help you get your life back on the right track and begin the healing process in families and communities throughout Hawaii.

You are likely at this place because you are looking for more information on Hawaii alcohol rehab programs and drug treatment facilities. You know that it is time to seek help for yourself, or to stage an intervention for someone you love and find help for them from a Hawaii addiction treatment center. Many people who have a loved one who abuses drugs or alcohol feels powerless to help. However they feel resentment and anger towards the addict for the choices that have been made, the aggressive and hurtful behavior and the promises that have been broken. Many times these feelings of anger and hurt are not expressed.

Hawaii Addiction Statistics

The statistics for Hawaii show that in 2005, there were 70,000 (estimated) individuals with an alcohol abuse or dependence problem and that there were a further estimated 27,000 individuals with drug abuse, dependence or addiction problems. The statistics also go on to state that in 2005, an estimated 66,000 individuals did not receive needed alcohol rehab treatment and that another 25,000 (estimated) did not receive needed drug addiction treatment.

Addicts will do just about anything to get to their next fix or drink. They will hurt the people they love physically and emotionally, lie, cheat, steal – whatever it takes to get what they need. This lifestyle does not promise happy endings; most often addicts will either end up in prison, or will die as a result of their addiction. There is help available from Hawaii drug rehab programs and alcohol treatment facilities to help get lives back on track and start the healing process.

Hawaii Addiction Rehabilitation

Hawaii rehabilitation facilities for drug intervention and alcoholism come in many different forms but the main goal is to restore an addict to full life, mentally, physically and emotionally. A Hawaii drug or alcohol treatment program will also teach an addict the skills that will help them return to society as a productive member and learn how to live an enjoyable addiction free life.

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