How is a Detox Program Conducted in Addiction Treatment in New Jersey?

The detox program is the heart and soul of heroin addiction treatment in New Jersey. Since the heroin addiction is such a severe addiction, any expert on substance abuse in New Jersey will recommend going in for an inpatient addiction treatment for heroin addiction treatment, where the detox program would be the first step in the treatment.

Heroin Detoxs Programs in New Jersey

Typically, a heroin detoxification program in New Jersey should last from three to seven days, but in most cases, the addiction is quite severe and there are relapses and so the detox program does not come to an end within a week but stretches much longer than that.

Even before the person is admitted to the heroin detox, there will be a pretreatment analysis to decide what kind of care must be taken during the detox. This would include issues such as psychiatric problems that would need to be tackled singularly with a dual diagnosis problem.

When the detox program begins, the person is put onto a medication such as methadone. This is to answer the withdrawal symptoms that abstinence from the substance will bring on. During the detox program in New Jersey, the person is made to completely abstain from the substance, but the medication provided helps to mitigate the severity of the withdrawal symptoms that may come on. When the effects of withdrawal begin to diminish, the methadone dosage is also decreased, but this is always done under medical supervision.

Two main things are done when the person is out of the detox program. He or she is put onto a continuing medication in order to reduce possibilities of relapse and secondly, he or she is entered into an aftercare program to teach about relapse prevention among other things.

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