Indirect Interventions

Most people have heard about performing addiction interventions in order to get an addict to seek help for their alcoholism and drug abuse. The goal of these sessions is generally to get the person involved in an inpatient rehabilitation program. They are a type of short-term therapy intended to begin fixing a problem immediately. A lesser known type of intervention is called the indirect intervention. These are set up for the friends and family members of an addict. The intention is to encourage loved ones to stop being co-dependent in their relationships with the addict. They are taught more effective methods for helping the individual with his or her addictions. The friends and family as well as the addict can benefit from doing this.

Addiction Intervention Specialists

A professional who is specifically trained in this field should be involved in the indirect intervention. The counselor will be able to pass on specific tools and resources to teach loved ones how to deal with the addict more effectively. For example, many people fall into the trap of giving money to someone suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse. They may try to protect the individual from the consequences of their drug addiction in many ways. Unhealthy emotional relationships evolve when there is an addict in the family. Co-dependence is an easy trap to fall into, but it makes it more comfortable for the individual to continue in a lifestyle of addiction.

Indirect interventions are supposed to encourage long-term change in the family environment. It is very painful for loved ones to feel they are watching from the sidelines as their son, wife, or parent destroys their own life. The hope is that friends and family members will learn to handle the situation better, which will in turn lead to the addict seeking an addiction treatment center. If this doesn’t happen, indirect intervention at least teaches the family to cope with their own feelings better.

Steps to Interventions
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