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Maryland Sobriety and Treatment Hotlines

Finding an Maryland alcohol or drug dependence recovery treatment center can help get you or your loved one’s life back on track.

Annapolis (443) 569-6126
Baltimore (410) 777-8131
Berwyn (240) 790-7121
Bethesda (240) 206-6285
Capitol Heights (240) 681-1121
Elkton (443) 219-0618
Gaithersburg (240) 449-3880
Prince Frederick (443) 219-0615
Silver Springs (240) 449-3897
Sykesville (443) 219-0612
Waterloo (443) 899-9332
Westminister (443) 569-7402

While the numerous options for places you can seek a drug treatment facility or alcohol treatment facility in Maryland will never be as numerous as the places you can get drugs, there are still plenty of Maryland addiction rehab facilities to serve people suffering from drug abuse. You are right now making the right choice choosing treatment over then next opportunity for drug abuse. If you wanted to use drugs you would find a dealer. Now that you have decided it is time to recover, past time to recover, make the effort to find a drug treatment or alcohol treatment facility in Maryland.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Maryland

There is a different type of treatment facility to suit each individual drug users needs. Due to the fact that drug of choice is a matter of preference and the underlying problem is actually the addiction, most drug treatment facilities can provide assistance to all types of addicts including those affected by alcoholism. There are some that specialize in particular drugs or handle alcohol treatment programs exclusively. From intervention to life long rehabilitation there is a drug treatment center or an alcohol treatment center in Maryland to suit the needs of anyone affected by drug abuse.

Drug treatment programs can be as simple as basic addiction counseling and can become as extensive as detox and the use of prescription drugs to ease the addiction to illicit drugs. Upon hearing the word detox the physical pain of withdrawal begins to concern many addicts. Today’s drug treatment facilities are proactive in removing every trace of the drug from a persons body and it’s effects from a patient. This helps both with the time and the discomfort associated with detox.

Some facilities offer treatment and help for those suffering from Co-Occurring Disorders. While it is often a question of which came first the chicken or the egg, drug abuse and mental or emotional issues often go hand in hand. Anxiety, stress, paranoia, and even voices are all related to dual diagnosis and can be addressed by the right professionals.

Mental Health Programs in Maryland

Dual diagnosis, along with most any of the other type programs will involve one on one as well as group counseling. Whether these counseling sessions occur during weekly visits to an outpatient facility or they are part of the daily routine for those who are housed in an inpatient program. One on one sessions provide an opportunity to discuss your personal issues privately while the group sessions provide the comfort that you are not alone. As you go through your recovery, which at times will be a struggle, know that you are not the first or the last.. It can also provide a glimpse at the repercussions that await you, if you do not complete drug treatment and defeat your addiction, as people discuss the tragedies of their past and the pitfalls they are currently facing.

Rehab facilities in Maryland also offer on going care. Addicts will eventually reach a point where they no longer need the day to day monitoring of an inpatient facility, at that point they do not have to brave the world alone. Many drug treatment and alcohol treatment centers offer follow ups and extended care programs to help people who have successfully completed addiction rehab go on to live a fully rehabilitated life.

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