Medications for Alcoholism Recovery

A lot of people are hearing about new medications to treat alcoholism. The symptoms of alcohol detox and cravings make it very difficult to quit drinking, especially for a long-term alcoholic. These medications primarily work by reducing those problems. Studies have shown that they can help people quit drinking, avoid relapse after they quit drinking, or reduce the amount of alcohol that they drink. There are also other medications on the market that are used to help with certain detox symptoms. For example, Valium may be given during the first few days of withdrawal. The following is some basic information about the most popular medications for alcoholism.

What Is Antabuse or Disulfiram?

Antabuse or disulfiram is an older oral medication that works by making the individual who takes it feel nauseous and vomit after they drink alcohol. This is intended to discourage drinking.

What Is Depade/ReVia or Naltrexone?

Depade/ReVia or naltrexone is an oral medication that helps to lower cravings for recovering alcoholics. Vivitrol is another form of this medication, which is injected. It lasts longer than the pill form. These drugs lower the likelihood of relapse, especially when used along with counseling.

What Is Campral or Acamprostate?

Campral or acamprostate is an oral medication that helps people recovering from alcoholism and alcohol abuse. It can only be taken after the individual has stopped drinking, and its effects are not completely understood. It is believed to reduce some of the symptoms of long-term withdrawal, including anxiety.

Taking medications to help in alcohol addiction recovery may make the process a little easier and more comfortable. However, it’s important to remember that these pills won’t fix everything. Their best use it to be taken as part of an addiction treatment program, along with counseling and other resources at a rehab center. Also, some experts believe that taking medication to help recover from a substance abuse problem is counterproductive and slows down the recovery process.

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