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Mississippi Sobriety and Treatment Hotlines

Finding an Mississippi alcohol or drug dependence recovery treatment center can help get you or your loved one’s life back on track.

Biloxi (228) 207-0010
Clarksdale (662) 298-8407
Columbus (662) 368-1278
Gulfport (228) 207-0001
Jackson (601) 206-0014
Madison (601) 707-9002
Moss Point (228) 285-7004
Tupelo (662) 298-8403

There are statewide drug treatment facilities for those seeking addiction recovery in Mississippi. There are plenty of people and places putting temptation in front of the recovering addict, it is important that several avenues are offered for recovery. Addiction did not tighten it’s grasp on the addict in one day. As you set down the road to recovery do not expect it to happen in one day either. By putting the same effort in to your recovery that you did into your addiction a life of successful recovery is possible. You don’t have to carry the weight of addiction recovery alone, the drug treatment centers in Mississippi offer various forms of assistance to suit the different levels of addiction addicts may have experienced.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in Mississippi

Recovery from drug abuse will always rely on effort and desire, the willingness to stay strong always. This process can be helped, especially in the early, detox, stages of recovery by the use of prescription drugs that will help with the withdrawal from illicit drugs that the addict may have used in the past. These prescription drugs don’t make it a cake walk, but they will make it easier by shortening the length of withdrawal as well as reducing the impact.

Often times this prescription assisted detox takes place in an inpatient drug treatment or alcohol treatment facility. As the addict exits the first phase they will begin to make use of the different forms of counseling available. The first type of counseling used in several of the rehab facilities is the group counseling session. This can almost be an interactive manual for recovery, addicts new to treatment programs will find the situations that will give them challenges discussed often. With the first hand experience of those succeeding in recovery in hand they will be better prepared to face the pitfalls of addiction recovery.

As the strength of their skills learned in drug treatment programs grows, they can transition into an outpatient program. These programs offer the same services as inpatient drug treatment centers albeit less frequently. The several days that do not have counseling scheduled afford the recovering addict time to establish the portions of their life outside of sobriety. While there job, friends, and intelligent social choices may not be directly related to sobriety, having a fully developed life provides a better environment for drug treatment to become lifelong rehabilitation.

Substance Abuse Aftercare Services in Mississippi

When an addict begins to transition into a person who is living a life free of addiction, they can seek aftercare and follow up services. Several drug rehab facilities in Mississippi offer aftercare as the final stage of a drug treatment program. Aftercare provides the person living a daily life of drug rehabilitation or alcohol rehabilitation a resource for continued counseling and assistance as they feel they need it.

With all of the different treatment facilities as well as their individual styles of treatment offered, the biggest thing you need to remember is to find a recovery program that suits you. Treatment centers also offer counseling and assistance to those family and friends concerned about an addict in their life. Having their support and understanding can be crucial to an addicts recovery.

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