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Missouri Sobriety and Treatment Hotlines

Finding an Missouri alcohol or drug dependence recovery treatment center can help get you or your loved one’s life back on track.

Ballwin (636) 238-3072
Blue Springs (816) 396-8733
Columbia (573) 303-5851
Joplin (417) 429-4943
Kansas City (816) 396-8714
Mexico (573) 303-5857
O Fallon (636) 238-3492
Saint Peters (636) 486-0854
Saint Genevieve (573) 303-5876
St. Louis (314) 714-6374

Drug treatment centers in Missouri give addicts the tools they need to overcome their drug abuse. Whether you are a person seeking help for your own addiction or you are a person concerned about someone in your life you suspect is involved in drug abuse. Drug treatment centers and alcohol treatment centers can provide the assistance you need to get your life and the world of drug addiction separated.

Locating Addiction Treatment in Missouri

If you suspect that someone in your life is being affected by drug addiction Missouri treatment facilities can help you identify signs of drug abuse. Missouri drug and alcohol treatment facilities can also help you plan and some will even assist you with an intervention. Often times it is not the message that the addict receives it is how it is delivered that makes the point.

One of the important details that is often overlooked by addicts seeking addiction recovery is finding a treatment center that suits their needs. This small level of comfort can be one more thing in the addicts favor.

For the addict who has a history of heavy drug use, several Missouri drug treatment facilities offer prescription drugs that can help ease the way to rehabilitation. These products make the detox process from illicit drugs a more manageable prospect. Helping to remove all of the traces of the drug that remain in the body. This makes the withdrawal phase of detox shorter as well as less difficult for the addict.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Missouri

Inpatient treatment programs at Missouri drug treatment facilities can be ideal for the addict who is unsure that they can begin their drug or alcohol rehabilitation on their own. Inpatient treatment centers offer the benefit of constant supervision, they also offer group counseling services.

This time amongst peers can help the addict just learning about drug rehab and alcohol rehab see the paths that lay before them on the road to rehabilitation. On the one hand they will see addicts who have greater experience with addiction recovery. Seeing these successes is an example that they can achieve success. On the other hand they will see and hear about the pitfalls that lie on that route to recovery before they actually have to face them.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Missouri

As the addict becomes the recovering addict, succeeding in addiction recovery and growing in confidence in their own strength, they can transition to outpatient care. Outpatient care provides counseling opportunities similar to those of inpatient treatment centers. They also offer the opportunity to begin reestablishing the other portions of their life outside of addiction recovery, developing a sober support system that will help them complete their drug treatment program long after they stop receiving regular care.

After completing the outpatient phase of their treatment many patients of Missouri substance abuse facilities should not pass on the opportunity for after care. Here they will find follow-up services that allow the recovered addict to receive counseling to assist them in maintaining their sobriety. As the addict progresses through the different stages of recovery Missouri rehab facilities have a service for each and every need.

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