Points Included in Aftercare Addiction Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Maine

Any addiction treatment expert will tell you that it is the aftercare counseling of a recovery program that is more important than the inpatient treatment program itself. If a real sustainable method of addiction treatment is to be reached, then the aftercare becomes the most important part of the whole process. It is indeed one of the most integral parts of the entire addiction treatment program in Maine. Whichever alcohol or drug rehab in Maine you choose for your treatment, you will find that they have an elaborate treatment program of their own.

The following are some of the points that are considered in the aftercare of alcohol and drug treatment in Maine.

  • The patient is told that the addiction treatment was definitely not the end of the whole treatment program. Great emphasis is laid on the aftercare and the patient is made to understand why due diligence is necessary at this juncture of their treatment. Making the patient understand things as they stand becomes very important in making the treatment a success.
  • Relapse prevention is a very important point of drug and alcohol abuse treatment in Maine. This is done during the aftercare. The first thing done towards this end is to make the person identify the risk factors that could bring him or her to a relapse and train them into avoiding these factors. The main intention is to keep the person sober without getting into the things that can bring back an addiction.
  • The person may be told to join into a 12 step program to keep the essence of addiction treatment alive.
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