Reading Signs of Heroin Addiction

A heroin addiction can be very easily indicated by observing the external characteristics of the person. These signals are made use of when the person is admitted into a heroin addiction treatment program.

If a person is into a mild heroin addiction then there will be a persistent feeling of euphoria in that person, which will be quite apparent to someone who is observing the person. The person will appear quite sleepy and will feel drowsy most of the time. You will find a heroin addict nodding and dozing off quite frequently. Heroin abusers are also not able to think in clear terms. Their concentrations are faulty and their memories are quite poor.

Observe their pupils closely. If the person has been abusing heroin, then his or her pupils will be constricted. You will also observe a decline in the rate of respiration of the person. The person will also complain quite consistently of nausea and will also vomit occasionally.

Heroin Use Info

Because of the highly intoxicating nature of heroin which causes a person to become immune to the substance, there are high chances that an overdose of the substance might occur. When that happens, the first observable symptom is that the person’s breathing will be quite shallow and the pupils will constrict further to become almost pinpoints. You will observe the clamminess in the skin.

Addicts that overdose on heroin will also experience convulsions, and will finally enter into a coma which can be fatal.

These are all the signs and symptoms that are taken into much regard when a person is into heroin addiction treatment.

Warning Signs of Heroin Addiction
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