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Addiction Treatment Reference

Treatment is necessary for anyone struggling with substance abuse or addiction. Not only does addiction affect your own life, but the lives of those around you. This includes friends, relatives, children, co-workers and even your neighbors in some cases. You’re hurting yourself and hurting others and treatment is the only way you can overcome these struggles. It’s not easy quitting drugs, especially if you have become addicted, so reach out for help and find a drug treatment center. Here you will find resources for finding a drug or alcohol rehab center, what programs are available, and what to expect during treatment and recovery.

Drug and Alcohol abuse and addiction may seem like virtually the same thing, but actually have many differences. If you are abusing drugs, you are using them in excess, often feeling like you need them to have a good day, going out of your way to obtain them and letting your other responsibilities go in favor of drug use. You might be calling in sick to work more often, skipping school or ignoring your relatives even when they try to help you. Someone abusing drugs might be aware they are using them too much, but don’t care enough to stop. Drug abuse can also lead to addiction if you don’t put a stop to it and get help immediately.
Drug addiction is similar to abuse as you were probably abusing drugs before becoming addicted, but most every consequence is elevated. Not only do you not care what others think, but you have gotten to the point where you are willing to hurt everyone around you to obtain drugs or use as often as you can. You don’t just want drugs to have a good time or get past your mental disorder like anxiety or depression, but you feel you need them. The “need” word is used a lot with addicts, as if you feel like there is no other option for you and you can’t even function day-to-day without the substances. You also have more elevated emotions, behavioral and psychological issues when addicted to drugs. Your career, school, family, relationships and finances all experience negativity when addicted to drugs.
If you are showing signs of drug abuse or addiction, you should seek treatment in the form of recovery. Recovery is necessary to avoid many of the short-term and long-term effects of abusing drugs. These can be short-term effects like heart palpitations, weight loss or weight gain, financial troubles or mood swings, to long-term effects such as heart irregularities, liver disease, stroke, coma or even death. Drug recovery involves treatment programs that are personalized according to many factors. Whether you are abusing or addicted to drugs, the types of substances you have been using, your level of addiction and your personal preferences are all taken into consideration during recovery.
The first stage of sobriety is going through withdrawal. Withdrawal begins 24-48 hours after stopping use of all substances including drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs. Once your body starts feeling the effects of the lack of chemicals it’s used to, it will revolt against you. Withdrawal can be uncomfortable, painful and downright miserable. Some of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience include headaches, dizziness, weakness, body tremors, seizures, muscle spasms, nausea and vomiting, sweating and chills, heart irregularities and even more serious consequences like stroke or heart failure. These are extreme circumstances but still possible. Due to the dangers of many of the withdrawal symptoms, you can go through detox. Detox uses medications and monitoring to keep track of your withdrawal period and help alleviate some of the symptoms. You will be monitored to avoid dangerous situations. It is optional but used in most drug treatment facilities due to its effectiveness. You can even go through detox if you don’t want to use regular prescription medications as holistic medicine is also an option at most drug rehab centers.
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Treatment Facilities

No matter where you live in the US, you will be able to find a local drug treatment facility. You should make a list of things you’re looking for in a drug treatment center, such as being cost-effective, taking your health insurance, offering private treatment or family therapy sessions, having residential treatments, letting you choose the type of drug treatment, or anything else you find important. When you begin looking for treatment facilities, read reviews and testimonials, interview the facility, visit and take a tour, and only choose ones you feel comfortable with. If it makes you feel uneasy, you won’t have a successful treatment experience and the chances for relapse are high higher. Take your time in choosing the right treatment facility and enlist in help from a loved one. If you know anyone who has gotten drug rehab locally, ask them where they want; recommendations are often the best way to find reputable facilities.

Treatment Programs

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a drug treatment facility is the types of treatment they offer. Believe it or not, not all facilities offer the same range of treatment. Some have a one-size-fits-all method of treatment, and you will want to avoid this. While this works for some people, there are even more sufferers who will get nothing out of it. You are an individual and your treatment should be tailored to you. Choose a facility offering a wide range of treatment options and ones that you can customize to fit your needs. Maybe you want holistic medicine during detox, private treatment, or cognitive behavioral therapy one-on-one; your facility should allow you to pick this style of treatment. Look into the different treatment programs and explore them before deciding on a drug treatment facility.

  • Medications for alcohol disorders

    Drugs Used to Treat Alcohol Disorders

    Alcohol use disorders affect millions of adult Americans. In order to properly address the problem, professional treatment needs to be provided. All treatment differs, based on a number of factors, but the majority of them offer classes, support groups, and behavioral therapy. However, many people look outside of these offerings, hoping to find a treatment method that incorporates a pharmacological (or medication) based approach.

  • Alcoholism Rehabilitation

    When a person realizes that they have an alcohol use disorder, the obvious choice is to seek out rehabilitation. Before a person gets into all of the approaches to alcohol rehab and various activities offered, they should just start with a simple visit to the doctor. There is no single standard for alcohol rehab. They all tend to have some basics and to develop individual programs around them. One of the basic building blocks of any program is behavioral treatments.

  • Alcoholism Detox and Addiction

    Alcohol Addiction Detoxification

    When a person is an alcohol addict, they need to undergo detox before they proceed to traditional, structured treatment. The withdrawal symptoms are scary to consider, and that scariness is increased when you take into account that each alcohol withdrawal episode may increase in harshness. Alcohol detoxification, in particular, can be quite dangerous, so it is recommended that people wishing to detox, specifically those with severe alcoholism do so at a supervised facility.

  • Holistic Treatment For Recovery

    Holistic Addiction Treatment Use, Abuse and Addiction

    Holistic care is definitely becoming more popular because they address multiple aspects of a very complicated problem. Participants receive treatment for their mind, body, and spirit. As each of these areas is healed, the chance of positive outcomes in recovery increases. One of the ways that holistic addiction treatment differentiates itself from more traditional programs is by offering alternative therapies.

  • Christian Treatment For Alcoholism

    Christian Treatment Centers for Alcohol Abuse

    People with a strong Christian faith are often tied to a close-knit community who share the same values. When alcohol addiction become a problem, substance abusers typically divorce themselves from the community and fall into a pattern of isolation. Christian rehab isn’t just beneficial for those who already have a belief in Jesus Christ. They can also be a place of healing and recovery for people who do not yet identify as Christian but are also not opposed to it.

  • Alcoholism Treatment Therapies

    Alcohol Addiction Therapy

    The obvious response to a chronic disease like alcoholism is professional, structured treatment. One of the common components consistent among alcohol addiction treatments is therapy. The following post will discuss two prominent behavior therapies that are used to treat alcohol addiction.

  • Finding A Good Treatment Program

    Signs of Good Alcohol Treatment Programs

    Alcohol treatment programs are varied and offered by alcohol rehab centers. They will be different for each person, often depending on how long you have been drinking and severity of your abuse or addiction problem. However, you can find solace in knowing many of them are very effective at helping people overcoming their addiction and learn to live a sober, healthy and fulfilling life. The most effective treatment program is one you can personalize with the help of the staff.

  • finding alcoholism treatment

    How to Find Alcohol Treatment Facilities

    Alcohol treatment facilities are rehab centers that provide you with treatment. Their mission is to help you overcome your addiction, get clean and sober, and stay that way. A good alcohol treatment facility will provide you with a detox program to get through withdrawal symptoms, a flexible treatment plan and support for during and after your treatment. Entering a treatment center for alcoholism is will change your life for the better.

  • Alcohol Treatment Medications

    Alcohol Treatment Medicines

    In the United States, there are only three medications used to treat alcoholism that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These drugs help to treat alcohol abuse and dependence. None of these drugs can or are prescribed to individuals who are still drinking; they are only prescribed to those who have stopped and are trying to abstain from using the substance. All three of these substances produce a different effect when taking them.

  • Medications For Alcohol Dependency

    Alcohol Addiction Treatment Prescriptions Soaring in Past Decade

    According to a study on alcohol addiction over the past decade, from 2003 until today, prescriptions for the addiction to alcohol have soared by as much as 70 percent. Prescription medications are just one of the options available for people struggling with substance abuse issues such as alcoholism. The right help is out there if you are struggling with alcoholism and looking to overcome the problem once and for all.

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