Relapse Prevention Methods Used by the Rehab Treatment for Drug Addiction in Illinois

One of the most prominent features you will see with the addiction treatment program in Illinois is the addiction relapse prevention aspect of the aftercare program.

Aftercare is compulsorily provided in most rehab centers in Illinois after the detox treatment. The theory is based on the fact that detox is just a biological cleansing of the body; however, the addiction does persist in the mind of the person. As long as this craving is persistent, the person can revert to the addiction at any time. This is when a relapse occurs.

Hence, for the addiction treatment to be effective, it is necessary to remove this craving from the mind of the person.

Towards this end, the rehab treatment program in Illinois implements certain strategies. The first point is to make the person and his or her family aware that the detox program is by no means the end of addiction treatment. The possibilities of a relapse are neatly spelled out and they are made to know that unless care is taken, the recovery process would be futile.

Once this point is driven home, the patient will be taught techniques such as meditation and relaxation which would help them in curbing the urge even if it occurs again. The person is educated on how to understand the precursor signals of an impending relapse and what to do in order to avoid them. This training is also given to the families and they are counseled on methods of behavior in order to keep relapse possibilities at bay.

The intervention program in Illinois is much active in coaching people on relapse prevention strategies after the detox program is complete.

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