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If you have recently gone through a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, you may be discovering that it is difficult living on your own while maintaining your sobriety. Many individuals find it helpful to live in an environment with like minded individuals who have gone through the same ordeal as you and have suffered similar effects from their substance abuse or addiction. Sober living homes exist for this very purpose; to provide drug and alcohol-free living environments where you get your support from those you live with and understand you are living with other people who have gone through a similar experience. Many of these homes are individually owned and operated, each with their own set of house rules and financial options.

About Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are often viewed as the transitional period between recovery and living on your own. For many people, going straight from the rehabilitation center to living on your own is too much stress and worry to bare. If you are concerned about living on your own so soon after recovery, sober living homes may be the best option for you.

At the sober living home, you will pay your own way and be around others who have gone through the same ordeal as you have. All of the residents in the home become support systems for each other, and you learn to live independently while remaining sober. The homes vary in size and location, with some of them having just a handful of rooms, while others have dozens of rooms available. Some residents might have their own bedroom, while others share rooms dorm-room style. This depends largely on the type of sober living home you choose as well as how much you pay for rent.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance PolicyWhile many of the rules and regulations for each individual sober living home is varied, one simple policy which tends to be the same for each home is their zero tolerance policy. As sober living homes, they do not accept any type of drug or alcoholic substance in their home at any time. It does not matter if you keep it in your personal belongings; if you are caught with a substance, you are kicked out without warning in most cases. Some homes also do not allow pain relievers and other over-the-counter medications to be displayed to other residents who may find these items difficult to resist and might lead to addiction or substance abuse.

Your belongings are typically gone through on a regular basis to be sure you are not keeping anything illegal or that is against the house rules. The zero tolerance policy also includes rules about violence, sex, verbal and physical altercations, harassment and theft. Additional rules at many sober living homes include mandatory support group meetings and 12-step programs which must be attended by all residents on a regular basis.

Communal Living

The environment in sober living homes is more like a community with communal living. There are common rooms and kitchen areas which are shared by all of the residents, therefore it is important to keep all of the house rules in mind. Typically, each resident will buy their own food and keep it in a designated space in the kitchen. Many meals are cooked together, with residents pitching in a certain amount of money for their share. Some houses require all residents to help with household chores, cleaning, and cooking duties on a rotation schedule.

Financial Aspects of Sober Living

At most sober living homes, each resident is required to have full-time employment or find another way to pay their monthly rent and buy their own food and other essentials. For some residents, they are disabled or unable to work, so they will use their social security or unemployment benefits to pay their rent. Rent prices may be weekly or monthly, and range from $250 and $750 a month which must be paid in full and on time each month otherwise you may be kicked out of the home.

Insurance Coverage and Addiction Treatment

Addiction Rehabilitation Centers

Sober living homes are there for individuals who have recently overcome their addiction through some sort of treatment, whether they sought professional help or quit using on their own volition. However, if you have not yet reached the point of being able to live without the temptation of drugs or alcohol, you will first need to seek treatment before you will be allowed to live in a sober living home. Drug rehab centers have shown to be extremely helpful in providing advice, treatment options, counseling and rehabilitation programs for individuals who are suffering from substance abuse problems and drug addiction. Locate a local drug abuse or drug rehab center in order to begin your treatments before seeking out a local sober living home.

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