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South Carolina Sobriety and Treatment Hotlines

Finding an South Carolina alcohol or drug dependence recovery treatment center can help get you or your loved one’s life back on track.

Anderson (864) 642-2458
Charleston (843) 277-6472
Clover (803) 675-5067
Columbia (803) 675-5087
Florence (843) 206-0371
Greenville (864) 551-2398
Mount Pleasant (843) 206-0351
Orangeburg (803) 720-5190
Sumter (803) 720-5181
Taylors (864) 551-2406

Although South Carolina drug rehab centers are excellent, the most difficult step is the first: the person suffering from a history of drug or alcohol abuse realizing that withdrawal and detox are not the same thing. This is why a qualified and certified program is needed, because self-detox often does not work.The main focus of detox programs is to first clear the alcohol or drugs out of the person’s system, which is what drug rehab centers in South Carolina have begun to do through various methods such as alternative addiction therapy, counseling, group therapy and counseling sessions and more.

Curing Drug Addiction in South Carolina

In South Carolina, as in other states, there are nearly as many types of treatment as there are treatment centers. There are some rehab facilities in South Carolina that may need to refer patients out to a detox center, because they just serve as counseling centers and not detox facilities. Because it likely will make a marked difference on the time and cost of treatment, it’s important to sit down and talk about this aspect of treatment with the staff of a rehab center.

Treatment centers have support staff available 24/7 to ease the process of drug withdrawal. The recent rise in drug smuggling has created a rising numbers of addicts. Many cities in South Carolina contain detox centers for alcoholism, heroin addiction, and Oxycontin addiction. Because of this, drug rehab and detox centers are located all over South Carolina, able to help most addicts. Outpatient programs are available with counseling to deal with emotional issues that caused the drug addiction. With a proper angle of research, the right program for curing drug addiction can be found in South Carolina.

Some detox programs in South Carolina use rapid detox by administering anesthesia and a purging agent to get rid of the drug, which, in most cases of rapid detox, is an opiate like marijuana. The reason for the anesthesia is so the patient doesn’t feel the immediate aftereffects, which are quite painful because of toxins leaving the body so quickly and in such large quantities. While the body is anesthetized, the purging agent works to clear the body quickly of all traces of the drug from the nervous system and the rest of the body.

Addiction Counseling in South Carolina

Treatment centers offer emotional counseling to deal with situations that may trigger, such as being approached by a friend or how to avoid past drug activity, because alcoholism and drug abuse are often triggered by past events or circumstances.

90% of drug addicts have gone through outpatient rehab or detox programs, and can attest to its effectiveness because of the follow-up services and counseling support. Surveys have shown that 70% of the time, inpatient drug rehab programs are successful. In addition, programs that don’t use alternate drugs to wean the addict free are healthier than those that do, such as rapid detox.

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