Teen Cocaine Addiction

While many teenagers enter into the drug world through something seemingly innocuous like marijuana, there are many other drugs out there that can cause serious harm and even death. Cocaine is a serious drug that becomes almost instantly addictive. Once your teen begins using cocaine, the pleasure center in their brain is going to be stimulated, and they are going to crave more and more of the drug until they are quite thoroughly addicted. What this means is that you need to watch out for cocaine use in your teenaged child so that you can nip the problem in the bud as soon as possible, and get real professional help for your teen and their problem.

Spotting Teen Cocaine Abuse

In its most common form cocaine appears as a crystalline white powder. It is most commonly mixed with cornstarch, sugar, vitamins and flour. On the other hand, crack cocaine looks different. Crack cocaine is going to look like a small chip, chunk or rock that is off-white or pinkish in terms of color. Cocaine can be found in small baggies, rolled up papers or a number of different areas. One of the most common ways that you may spot cocaine is as a light powder residue on a flat surface or in the carpet, meaning that someone has used cocaine there in the past.

Spotting Cocaine Highs

Cocaine is capable of being taken in a number of ways including:

  • Snorted
  • Sniffed
  • Smoked
  • Injected

You may notice paraphernalia in the home or residue from the drug that indicates that cocaine is being used by your teenager, or you may notice behavioral or physical changes that indicate that something is going on. The biggest thing that you can do is to watch for minute changes in how your child behaves or looks. Someone who is using drugs may stop caring as much about personal hygiene and grooming, for example, a tell-tale sign that something is going on.

You may notice that your teenage child’s behavior is different when they are under the influence of cocaine. You may also notice general personality changes, especially when they are experiencing withdrawal between hits. If you notice that your teen is acting differently, bizarrely or simply out of character for him or her, then this may lead you to suspect that there is a serious drug addiction at play.

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