Teen GHB Addiction

GHB is also known as gamma-hydroxybutyric acid. It is a depressant drug that is particularly popular when it comes to raves, clubs and parties, and it is also commonly abused as a date rape drug. There are a number of different home brewed versions of this drug that are created in home laboratories and sold on the street. Unfortunately, because their quality and their strength can vary so significantly, these are dangerous drugs. GHB is capable of creating a relaxed and euphoric high in the people that use it, and many of the people that take it do not remember what happened the next day. Amnesia is actually a desirable part of the experience. If your teenager is abusing GHB for any purpose, then as a parent you need to take charge and help them to get some help.

What Is GHB?

The two most common forms that you will find GHB in are a clear liquid and a powdered form. The powdered form looks similar to sugar. The clear form is going to look just like water. GHB can also be found in tablet form, which is created by compressing the powder form into a pill. All of these forms of GHB are capable of being abused, and so you may find any of them in the home if you have a teenager who is abusing the drug. The most common way that GHB is consumed is by swallowing, though there are some people that will inject the drug in its liquid form or that will insert the powder or tablet form directly into the anus.

What Is Date Rape Drug

Someone who has taken GHB may experience:

  • Feelings of Euphoria
  • Increase Sexual Drive
  • Fewer Inhibitions
  • Increased Levels of Energy
  • Hallucinations
  • Greater Feelings of Happiness
  • Increased Need to Talk and Socialize

When your teen is high on GHB, you are probably going to notice a number of small personality changes. Someone who is high on GHB might experience:

  • Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Agitation
  • Dizziness
  • Irritation
  • Memory Lapses
  • Tunnel Vision
  • A Loss of Coordination

If your child is behaving oddly in your presence, then GHB may be one of the drugs that is being abused, though you cannot really be sure unless you find the drug or catch them in the act.

Spotting GHB Abuse

Spotting substance abuse is not always easy. When a teen is abusing an illicit substance, they are likely going to become more secretive and more protective of their stuff and their time. If your teen suddenly seems to be withdrawing away from you, keeping secrets or outright lying to you, then the odds are good that something is going on and you are going to need to investigate further.

Personality changes, changes in what interests them and changes in personal grooming habits are all signs and symptoms that something is going on with your child. If you ask them questions about what is going on and they withdraw further, lie or keep secrets, then you can know reasonably well that your child is keeping something from you that needs to be discovered. Be careful not to throw accusations around until you have concrete evidence, otherwise you may end up making the problem worse sooner than better.

Helping Teens Abusing GHB

Find a drug rehab facility in your area that specializes in children and teens, and that has a program designed specifically for GHB abuse. Try to find an intervention specialist who can sit down with you and your child and go through the options moving forward toward recovery. An intervention is often necessary to help your child understand that he or she is dealing with a real problem, but that there is real beneficial help out there for anyone who is willing to reach out for it.

If your child is under age, then you do have the power to put them in a rehab program without their consent, but it is always better to have consent. This is because your teen really does have to want to get better in order for the recovery process to be productive. Your child has to want to overcome his or her GHB addiction in order for recovery to truly take place without the possibility of relapse or re-occurrence. Make sure that your child understands what is at stake here, and that a recovery is absolutely essential to restore good health and well-being for your child.

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