Teen Hallucinogens Addiction

Although your connection with your teenaged child may not always be ideal, it is your responsibility as a parent to make sure that your child stays away from drugs and other harmful substances like alcohol. Hallucinogens such as PCP, mushrooms and LSD are seriously harmful hallucinogenic drugs that children are unfortunately peer pressured into trying.

Unfortunately, the euphoric high effects that they create are capable of causing serious addiction, so when your teenaged child is lured into taking a drug, it can quickly become an abuse situation that your child cannot easily get out of. If your teenaged child is dealing with a substance abuse problem relating to hallucinogenic drugs, you need to know what to look for in order to spot the problem and get them some much needed help in order to overcome the addiction.

Spotting Teen Hallucinogenic Drug Abuse

Hallucinogenic drugs might be the most difficult to spot. The reason for this is the fact that there are several different types of hallucinogenic drugs out there that your teen might be taking. The most common forms of hallucinogenic drugs are LSD, psilocybin which is found in shrooms, mescaline as well as ibogaine. Hallucinogenic drugs all cause hallucinations in the people that use them, so sometimes the high is easier to spot than the drug itself. Each of these types of hallucinogenic drugs is going to appear differently, and so you need to know what you can do to identify them. LSD is typically found in liquid form, for example, sold typically in very small glass or plastic bottles. Shrooms typically appear as dried mushrooms. The Psilocybin from shrooms can also be made artificially, powdered, crushed and placed in capsules. Mescaline is also a crystalline powder, generated synthetically and dyed in different colors before pressed into pills and capsules.

Because the most prevalent symptom of hallucinogenic drug use is the presence of hallucinations, one of the biggest behavioral changes that you are going to notice is that they are going to appear quite clearly to be seeing or hearing things. If your teenager seems oddly euphoric, high in some manner and appears to be seeing or hearing things, then you might be dealing with a hallucinogenic drug such as shrooms or PCP. It is important that you do some research so that you can learn about hallucinogenic drugs and the types of results that they create. The more that you know and understand about hallucinogenic drugs, the better prepared you will be to identify that your child has a drug addiction or a substance abuse problem so that you can get them the help that they need.

When a teenager is abusing a drug, even though they may try very hard to hide it, there are going to be behavioral changes, personality changes and personal appearance changes. If you are willing to pay close attention, and to be vigilant about it, then you should be able to see some of these minute changes so that you can nip the problem in the bud before it becomes particularly serious. A child or teen who is abusing hallucinogenic drugs is going to experience changes. They may start hanging out with new people, or not hanging out with anyone at all. They might spend enormous amounts of time cooped up in their room, refusing to talk to you at all. They might stop grooming themselves, letting their hair become greasy or refusing to change their clothing regularly. These are all signs that something is going on requiring your attention.

Helping Teens Abusing Hallucinogenic Drugs

Teens very rarely have what they need to get help for an addiction. If your teen is struggling with addiction, then the odds are good they are going to need help from you in order to reach out for assistance. The first thing that you should do is work with an addiction intervention specialist from a drug rehab center to find a solution that is going to work for you and your family. The next thing to do is to approach the situation with understanding and love rather than accusations and frustration so that you can show your teen you want healing rather than a fight.

Getting your child into a drug rehab program that specializes in teens and children is going to be the key to getting them help and support in this situation where they need it the most.
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