Teen Morphine Addiction

Morphine is perceived as a non-synthetic narcotic, and it is important to realize that morphine has a high abuse potential. Morphine is the principle constituent in the drug known as opium. It is regarded as one of the most effective medications for relieving severe pain. Morphine is marketed in a number of different forms and under several different brand names, and it is regularly prescribed for pain relating to illness and injury. Unfortunately, the basic mechanisms of morphine allow it to become addictive easily, and so someone who is using the medication as prescribed can develop a tolerance, a physical dependency and an addiction issue without realizing that it is happening.

If your teen is taking morphine for any purpose, you need to keep an eye on his or her use to make sure that a tolerance or dependence is not forming. If your teen is suddenly taking the drug in a manner in which it was not prescribed, known as prescription drug abuse, you need to take steps to get them some real professional help before the problem is exacerbated.

Understanding Morphine Addiction

Morphine was once only used in an injectable form, though now there are a variety of other pharmaceutical forms as well including tablets, oral solutions, capsules, injectable preparations and suppositories. Because there are so many different ways that morphine can be acquired and used, this particular drug is being used now more than ever to treat a variety of different types of pain. You can become dependent on all of these types of morphine, but most of the people that become dependent eventually switch to purely the injectable form. The reason for this is because it is capable of entering into the bloodstream more quickly than the other forms. Some people will insert morphine tablets rectally for similar reasons.Click edit button to change this text.

The reason why morphine is addictive is because a tolerance forms as you use this medication. The tolerance forces the user to take more and more of the medication in order to achieve the same effect that they were experiencing before. This tolerance causes the development of a physical dependency, and this is where the addiction is born from. Teens who are taking morphine for legitimate, prescribed reasons can become addicted to the drug simply because they were taking it even though it was being taken as directed.

Signs of Substance Abuse

For many teens, the biggest sign that something is going wrong is a sudden need to be secretive or lie. If your child is taking a medication like morphine and is suddenly behaving oddly about it, then the odds are good that something is going on that requires your investigation.

Do not get pushy with your teen if you are suspecting something, because you may force them deeper into their secrets and lies. Instead, approach the situation with a positive, healing and understanding attitude and try to determine what is going on so you can deal with the problem.

Helping Your Teen With Addiction

It is well within your power to get help for your teen if they are dealing with a substance abuse issue. As far as substance abuse problems go, an addiction to morphine is relatively easy to treat as long as you have help from the right type of drug rehab facility. Try to find a drug rehab and recovery facility in your area that specializes in children and teens to make sure that you find proper support for your son or daughter. You should also specifically look for a rehab facility that focuses on prescription drug addiction because this type of facility will best be equipped to handle your teen’s specific needs.

Remember that it is your duty as a parent to make sure that your teen is getting the help that he or she needs, and well within your power to get the job done. Help your teen find the right drug rehab facility today 800-807-0951 so that you can get your son or daughter back on the straight and narrow and a path toward sobriety.
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