Teen Steroid Addiction

Teenage boys who are obsessed with their appearance may become addicted to steroids. Steroids are unfortunately easy to come by in certain circumstances, and so athletes and sports players can acquire them and use them without anyone really noticing. Unfortunately, using steroids in a manner in which they were not prescribed can be seriously harmful to the health of your teenager. Unless your teen has a legitimate reason to be taking steroids, they should not be doing so. If you have a child or a teen that is focused on sports, weight lifting, athleticism and physical health, then you may want to keep a close eye on them to make sure that steroid use is not occurring.

The two most important things for you to know are:

  • You can get help for your teen if you approach the situation with the right attitude and the right amount of understanding.
  • Educating your child about substance abuse can help him / her understand that even things perceived as being safe, like steroids for example, can be extremely harmful when used improperly or without supervision.

Understanding The Steroid Addiction

Steroids can be abused in a couple of different ways. Some of the people that abuse steroids do so by popping pills while others make use of hypodermic needles, allowing them to inject the steroidal drugs directly into the muscles. Steroid abuse is defined as the use of steroids without any regard for the legality of the drug or the adverse health effects that they are capable of creating. Anyone who is using steroids for a purpose other than for how they were intended is abusing the drug. Although steroid use is no longer on the rise, there are still many athletic minded children and teens who are trying to get their hands on this type of medication believing that it can improve their performance in the sport or increase their physical fitness. What they do not realize is that for many people, steroids are going to cause more harm than good in the long run.Click edit button to change this text.

Understanding The Steroid Addiction

Roid Rage” is not the only effect that your teen is going to put on display when abusing something like steroids. There are actually a number of different effects that your teen is going to experience if they are using steroids, including extreme mood swings. The up swings can involve manic feelings which are capable of evolving into violence. The anabolic steroids are capable of affecting the limbic system in the brain, and this is the brain system that is responsible for things like memory, learning and mood. Steroids are capable of producing other changes in the mood or personality as well, including bringing about depression and irritability feelings.

The depression caused by steroid use is actually capable of being life threatening, especially when your teen stops taking the drug cold turkey.

Many parents do not realize that their child is abusing steroids until they quit, in which case the withdrawal symptoms are often quite uncomfortable and difficult to deal will. Other symptoms of quitting steroids cold turkey include:

  • Paranoia
  • Extreme Irritability
  • Jealousy
  • Delusions
  • Impairments of Judgment (because they feel as if they are invincible)

Helping Your Teen With Addiction

It can be hard to admit that your teen is dealing with this type of problem, but as a parent it is well within your power to get them the help that they need for a substance abuse problem. You need to have information and research on your side when you are approaching your teen about this problem. Find a local drug rehab 800-807-0951 in your area that meets the following criteria:

  • It should offer specialization in teens and children who are dealing with drug addiction and substance abuse problems.
  • It should focus on prescription drug abuse or steroid abuse specifically rather than placing an emphasis on illicit drugs.
  • It should offer group and family counseling options so that you can be a part of your child’s recovery. This is going to play an important role in helping your child overcome the steroid addiction that spurred the need for rehab in the first place.

The right drug rehab program and treatment facility is going to make all the difference in helping your teen get over this problem. If your teen child is dealing with a substance abuse problem, then be prepared to do whatever it takes to get them the help that they need once and for all. Do not hesitate, because they are going to need your help.

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