Teen Opium Addiction

Opium is a highly addictive drug. What makes it so addictive is the fact that the body develops a tolerance to it over time. As the tolerance increases, the physical dependency also increases. What this means is that someone who is taking opium is going to need to take more and more of the drug in order to continue receiving the same desired effect as when they first began taking the drug.

Both a physical and a psychological addiction can develop quite quickly, and the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with opium addiction are serious and difficult to deal with. If your teen is dealing with an opium addiction, then it is going to be vitally essential that you know how to spot and address the problem so that you can help your teen get the support and care that they need when overcoming the addiction.

Opium is a crude form of an opiate drug, and is the milky and latex-like fluid that is found in seed pods for the opium poppy before they ripen. When you expose the fluid to the air, it becomes black and hardened. This dried up form can be smoked or consumed by mouth. The most common place where opium is grown is in Myanmar and Afghanistan.

Understanding Opium Addiction

Teenagers who are guided by peer pressure may become addicted to a wide variety of different types of substances depending on what they try. If you believe that your teen is suffering from an addiction, then you are going to need to be willing to take steps to determine what type of addiction he or she is dealing with. Understanding what type of addiction is occurring is going to play a big role in getting help for your teen.

One of the best things that you can do is to research addiction as much as possible so that you understand where your teen is coming from. If you can approach the situation with understanding and appreciation for what is going on, then you will have the right attitude through which you can help your teen to get help and support for his or her addiction. It is vitally important that you approach the situation with the right attitude. Your teen is going to appreciate that you are being loving and understanding if you approach the intervention from the right place.

Signs of Teen Substance Abuse

Determining whether or not your child or teen has a substance abuse problem is not always easy. The first thing that you need to do is to stay calm and try not to panic when you have a suspicion. Children and teens can become secretive naturally, and it does not necessarily mean that your child is using drugs. However, if your teen suddenly appears to be excessively secretive, if you catch him or her lying to you, or if other personality changes or personal appearance changes are taking place, then the odds are good that something is going on.

Before you panic, address the situation. Try to look into your child’s behavior, check out their room one day when they are in school and look for drugs. Be careful, be cautious and simply investigate to the best of your ability. If you find evidence that something is going on, then you can start getting your teen some help. If you cannot find evidence of a substance abuse problem then it will still benefit you to sit your child down to talk to them about what is going on. Opening up a dialog is one of the best things that you can do for yourself at this point.

Helping Teens with Substance Abuse

As a parent, you should feel obligated to keep your teen healthy and happy. If they are dealing with a substance abuse problem, then they are struggling with something and you need to help address it. One of the best things that you can do is to find a local drug rehab program that focuses on children and teens with substance abuse problems. When you find the right drug rehab program to meet the needs of your teen, then that is when recovery can really begin to occur.

It can be hard to face the situation when your teen is addicted to a drug, but you must be willing to approach the situation with the right attitude in order to help your teen through his or her problem. Work closely with an addiction intervention specialist (800) 807-0951 to help your teen get through this process, because recovery through a drug rehab center is going to be absolutely necessary in establishing a sober lifestyle.

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