5 Signs of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is also called as chemical dependency. Simply put, it is the dependency of a person on a particular substance, or to its active chemical ingredient, to the point of losing control over the use and continuing it even if harmful health effects are becoming obvious.

The Evolution of Alcohol Addiction

The main types of substance abuse are alcohol and drug abuse. The prominent drugs that are abused include heroin, cocaine, nicotine, methamphetamine, amphetamine, barbiturates and LSD abuse. Each of these has specific effects on the body, but a person who is into drug abuse will continue using consuming them even if these hazardous health effects are becoming prominent. There are five main signs that indicate that the person is into a substance abuse.

  • The person will not be able to control the usage of the drug even though it is quite obvious that the drug is proving harmful to health.
  • The person will get the urge of the substance at the most inopportune moments, without any prior indication. In some cases, this urge can be so drastic that the person may exhibit physical symptoms.
  • The person will lose all interest in other activities and will be occupied most of the time in using the substance. There will be a tremendous setback to the family and work life of the individual.
  • The person will gradually become more immune to the substance. He or she will develop a resistance to the substance, which will bring on the requirement of stepping up the dosage of the substance.
  • If the substance is kept away from the person, he or she will exhibit extremely violent side-effects, which could be harmful to the individual as well as the people in close proximity. These symptoms are known as withdrawal symptoms.
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