The Twelve Step Program in Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Wisconsin

Most treatment programs for alcohol and substance abuse treatment in Wisconsin use the Twelve Step Program as an integral part of the treatment. This Twelve Step Program is the same program that was originally initiated by the Alcoholics Anonymous for treatment of alcohol problems in people. But today, though the original Twelve Step Program devised by the Alcoholics Anonymous has remained unchanged, there are several other support groups that have taken up this program in different formats to deal with different kinds of addictions.

All support groups for treating drug and alcohol abuse in Wisconsin such as the Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and several others use the Twelve Step Program, suited according to their own treatment routines.

But the basic points of these programs are quite similar. The following are the points of similarity that you will find between the various Twelve Step Programs for drug and alcohol abuse treatment in Wisconsin.

  • The first phase of all these programs is to make the person accept that there is a problem with them that needs to be treated. This is the phase of overcoming denial. The acceptance of the problem is the most important part for the treatment to get underway.
  • The next phase is to identify the presence of a Higher Power that can help and guide people to come over their dependencies. Invoking spirituality in such a manner helps to make the program more effective and acceptable.
  • The third phase is to accept the guidance of some experienced person who can act as a guide and counselor to help the person with treatment. This is akin to the help provided by the intervention program in Wisconsin.
  • Then the person must realize the wrongs he or she committed to other people due to the addiction and take steps to correct them, including apologizing to these people. Acceptance and confession is an important part of the Twelve Step Programs for alcohol and drug treatment.
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