Using Cognitive Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Behavioral-cognitive therapy is one of the most common treatment methods offered in addiction rehab centers. The idea behind this type of counseling is that thoughts create feelings, and feelings lead to behaviors.

Therefore, in order to change an individual’s behaviors, you should first begin by changing their thoughts. Most people don’t consciously pay a lot of attention to the messages they tell themselves on a daily basis. For example, if continually say that you are not going to do well in a job interview, you will create negative feelings and anxiety, and you probably will perform as you expected. However, if you tell yourself that it will be great, you’ll have more confidence and be more likely to land the position. Similar techniques can be used in addiction treatment. Patients in recovery have a tendency to say that they need alcohol, when in reality they only want it. There is a big difference. If they say that they aren’t going to get any positive benefits out of a rehab program, there is a good chance that their prediction will come true because they were not open to the possibilities and putting forth effort. Analyzing and changing destructive thoughts can alter person’s perception of the way things are and lead to changed behaviors.

Cognitive Therapy

Many addiction treatment centers around the United States offer cognitive-behavioral therapy as part of their programs. This method works well for a lot of people who are dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. However, like most forms of addiction rehabilitation, it won’t be effective for every single person. Addicts should seek another type of counseling if they find that cognitive-behavioral therapy doesn’t work for them. Many psychologists in private offices use this method as well. It is employed in the treatment of a wide variety of psychological issues, including anxiety disorders, fears, depression, and addiction treatment.

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