What are Hallucinogens?

Hallucinogens are one of the most abused drugs due to their ability to alter the individual’s perception of what is real. They cause individuals to see, hear and feel things that are not there. The emotions are overly dramatic for individuals who are under the influence of hallucinogens and swing rapidly with no warning. The use of hallucinogens abusively can cause individuals to do unexpected things such as jumping from a bridge or not clearly thinking when driving a car and causing an accident. Paranoia and sleeplessness are also known side effect of hallucinogens. Continued use of hallucinogens may require assistance in stopping usage.

How are Hallucinogens Abused?

Hallucinogens offer those who use them the ability to lose track of time and reality. They are mind-altering drugs that cause individuals to see and feel things that may not be real. They cause a heightened sense of awareness regarding senses and in some cases paranoid tendencies. Individuals who use hallucinogens over an extended period of time can build up a tolerance to them. The feelings can be harder to come by making the high more difficult to find. This usually makes the individual want to use more of the drugs in order to get to that point again.


At some point, most hallucinogens will become completely ineffective to a person who uses them repeated. This may cause some users to combine the hallucinogens with other substances such as alcohol or other drugs to get a new kind of high. Because these drugs are not physical in addiction they require more of a psychological treatment to fight addiction. Those who use hallucinogens may find themselves in danger of not knowing what is real at the wrong time. This could be when driving a car or when standing on the top of a building trying to decide if they can fly or not. The effects of most hallucinogens last up to approximately 12 hours and gradually lessen as that time passes by. Those truly addicted will search for the next high before the end of this time as the drug starts to wear off leading them to start a cycle of continued use.

Hallucinogens Addiction Recovery

Addiction to hallucinogens is typically one of psychological base as there is no real physical addiction to these types of drugs. Those seeking hallucinogens addiction recovery will undergo extensive counseling to determine the starting point of the addiction. The origin of the addictive behavior will first be discovered and then an attempt to work through those issues will take place. After learning how the problems began and why the person is addicted to the hallucinogens appropriate psychological treatment will be discussed.

Learning how to keep yourself from falling into the addiction cycle again is vital to a successful recovery. Understanding what your triggers are is something that they will teach in recovery allowing you to spot trouble before you are taken over by it. Cognitive behavioral therapy will give you the retraining of your actions and responses to situations in order to better make decisions relating to drug use and your life. You will also likely be directed to a support group where you can find a sponsor to help guide you through the process outside of the recovery program. Knowing when to get help before being taken over by addictive behaviors again is an important part of the recovery process.

Hallucinogen use and abuse is serious business and not something that you are going to want to mess with. If you are addicted to hallucinogens or if you feel that you may be using them improperly, the best thing that you can do is to reach out to a residential drug rehab center in your area.

Through detox and rehabilitation, you can overcome the drug addiction and become sober once and for all. The help that you need is right around the corner.
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