What Is Concerta?

Because Concerta is a stimulant medication, it is a commonly-abused substance. It is controlled more closely in comparison to many other types of medications, and so physicians have to be careful and follow specific rules when it comes to prescribing it. This does not stop Concerta from being diverted to the street where it can be sold and purchased for illicit purposes.

Concerta Abuse

People that are taking Concerta at the dosage that was prescribed and who are taking the medication for a legitimate reason are not abusing the drug. However, because of the stimulant nature of Concerta, this is a medication that can easily become addictive, and can cause people to abuse it in a manner that goes against how it is prescribed by physicians. Concerta is considered to be a controlled substance because of the fact that it can be misused in many circumstances.

People may take it in higher dosages than what is prescribed by a physician, or they may take dosages more often than they are meant to. Some people choose to abuse the medication by using it in an improper manner. Examples of this include crushing up the tablet and attempting to snort it through the nose, or dissolving the crushed tablet in water or other liquids so that it may be injected into the blood stream for a quicker response.

Unfortunately, abusing Concerta in this manner can cause much more harm than good. When the medication is taken in a manner that goes against a physician’s recommendations, it can put you in serious risk of overdose, because the medication was not intended to be taken through the nose, directly into the blood stream or in dosages higher than what the physician is recommending.

Concerta Abuse Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms associated with Concerta can vary from person to person and they can also vary significantly in terms of intensity and how long they last. Some of the most common symptoms associated with Concerta withdrawal include:

  • Extreme Feelings of Fatigue
  • Extreme Feelings of Depression
  • Other Unusual Types of Behavior

Although withdrawal from Concerta is not considered to be a life threatening experience, it can still be extremely uncomfortable for someone to go through. It can actually be so uncomfortable for someone withdrawing from Concerta to experience the symptoms that they may be driven to begin taking the medication again in order to relieve these symptoms.

Something else to consider is that a woman who is pregnant may actually pass the Concerta withdrawal symptoms on to her child after he or she is born. Because of this, if you are pregnant and you are taking Concerta, then it is essential that you speak to your health care provider to make sure that you are not putting your unborn baby at risk.

Withdrawal symptoms associated with Concerta can be much more severe in a young child, and so it is essential that you consider this when you are taking this medication and are either pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Concerta Addiction Treatment Options

When you are dealing with a physical dependency on Concerta, whether you started off taking the medication as prescribed or began taking it in an illicit manner, you should know the benefits of working with a drug rehab center to get help. There are two aspects to overcoming an addiction to a drug like this, which are a physical detox aspect and an emotional rehabilitation and behavioral training aspect.

The physical aspect comes first, and involves helping you come down from the Concerta use without feeling the uncomfortable side effects. Detox is necessary in order for you to move on with your life and prevent re-occurrence of the physical dependency. Next, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification and similar principles are applied to make sure that you build up new and healthy habits without feeling like you need to resort to using the medication again. Together, these two principles make a drug rehab center the right choice if you are trying to overcome a physical dependency on Concerta.

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