What Is Darvon?

The original purpose for Darvon was to treat mild and moderate levels of pain using propoxyphene hydrochloride. Since the Food and Drug Administration recalled Darvon and all similar products, this is no longer a medication that you can get from a pharmacy or a physician, though it may still exist on the streets for illicit purposes.Click edit button to change this text.

Darvon Abuse

Darvon is a drug that is easily abused, as an addiction forms pretty rapidly when the medication is used contrary to its labeled uses. People have a tendency to attempt acquiring this medication because it is a narcotic pain reliever, and as such, it spent a long time on the street being used for illicit purposes. People that are using the drug according to the prescription’s requirements and are taking it according to their physician’s recommendation are not abusing it, but people that are using it contrary to those guidelines may be abusing it.

People who abuse Darvon have a tendency to use the medications in dangerous ways, such as by crushing the small tablets into a powder that they can snort into the nose or inject into the blood stream after dissolving the fine powder in water.

Since taking the drug in its typical form was risky enough on its own, engaging in these specific practices is even more dangerous and could put users in serious risk of coma or death.

Darvon Withdrawal Symptoms

As a narcotic pain reliever, it is not uncommon by any means for people to slowly develop a physical dependency on Darvon. When someone has been taking Darvon for a long time, deciding to stop taking it completely cold turkey can have a number of adverse side effects which manifest in what is known as withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms that are associated with Darvon are not considered to be life threatening in the way that they can be for other drugs and medications, but withdrawing from Darvon can still be quite uncomfortable.

The reason why withdrawal from Darvon occurs is because your body slowly becomes accustomed to how the drug works. If you stop the drug too quickly, then these withdrawal symptoms may result. Darvon withdrawal is especially common with chronic and legitimate use of the drug, as well as in situations where someone is abusing the drug or using it in an off-label or illicit manner. Withdrawal is unfortunately completely normal when you have a physical dependency on the drug and is not experienced only by people who are actually abusing the medication.

Some of the symptoms associated with a withdrawal from Darvon may include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Shakiness
  • Shivering
  • Feelings of Anxiety
  • Goose Bumps on the Skin
  • Pain Throughout the Body
  • Upper Respiratory Problems
  • Profuse or Excessive Sweating
  • Insomnia or Difficulty Sleeping

These symptoms may all vary in terms of when they begin, when they end and their relative intensity. Withdrawal from Darvon can definitely be uncomfortable when you are going through it alone, which is why it is highly recommended that you do not quit cold turkey, but rather trust your care and your needs to a drug rehab center.

Darvon Abuse Treatment Options

A physical dependency involving Darvon is serious business since Darvon contains a narcotic element that has a high potential for abuse and addiction. What this means is that getting treatment means getting real professional help.

A drug rehab center is the right way to get the help that you need if you are dealing with a dependency involving Darvon. The right staff and the right resources are going to go a long way in ensuring that you are able to overcome the physical addiction without severe withdrawal symptoms before taking this medication causes you serious harm.

A drug rehab center is going to provide you the best chance of overcoming your physician dependency so that you can move on with your life without the hold of this terrible drug in your system.

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