What Is Kadian?

Kadian Addiction

Kadian comes in capsule form and it is a prescribed drug that is a synthetic opiate. The drug is physician prescribed and the main use is for the relief of pain, especially severe pain. The Kadian capsules are very powerful and because of this it is a drug that can be extremely addictive. Kadian is a potent narcotic with the main active agent of opium and it directly acts on a person’s central nervous system. There have been studies that have shown that Kadian is better at relieving pain than other types of opiates and it is a narcotic that is more powerful than morphine. As stated before Kadian is very addictive and there are psychological as well as physical dependencies when a person becomes addicted.

Kadian is a drug that acts very rapidly and it binds strongly to a person’s receptions, which is why a person has an increased chance to get a euphoric feeling. The feeling of euphoria is one of the main reasons a person becomes addicted to Kadian, as they want to keep feeling that way and will need to keep taking more of the drug in order to feel the effects. Tolerance to Kadian grows quickly, which is another reason need to take more of the drug. Compared to other opioids Kadian has a high rate of physical and psychological dependence. Since Kadian is a narcotic that has an extended release, as it is in capsule form, they should not be either crushed or snorted because of the risk of overdone. If a person takes Kadian in these ways, they are addicts and they will need to get help for their addiction.

The most common effects of Kadian addiction are vomiting (nausea) and perspiration. Kadian is different than other types of opioids is that drowsiness is not as prevalent. Respiratory depression can occur with Kadian abuse, but taken in normal doses it will likely not occur. The effects are not that great in as opposed to other opiate drugs, but the withdrawal symptoms, because of heavy use, can be severe.

Kadian Withdrawal Symptoms

Kadian withdrawal symptoms are typically experienced in the time period that is right before the next dose. The withdrawal effects from Kadian can show up in a just a few hours after a person stops taking the drug. Some the early withdrawal symptoms of Kadian can include:

  • Watery Eyes
  • Runny Nose
  • Perspiration
  • Insomnia
  • Heavy Craving for the Narcotic

The more a person is addicted to Kadian, the more they will feel more severe withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Aches and Pain in the Bones and Muscles
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Abdominal Pain
A Kadian can have high blood pressure and the heart rate can be elevated, which is why severe addicts can face a heart attack, a stroke, or a blood clot.

The Kadian detox process is important for those that are addicted to this prescription drug, while it is not an easy process, the process can be easier if the addict seeks help.

Kadian Detox

There are several forms of Kadian detox whether it be in in-patient or outpatient form or if a person does it at home. Going “cold turkey” off Kadian is very very difficult and, many times, a person will go back to using the drug. This is why an in-patient type of drug treatment may be the best option to take. If a person is in a in-patient drug treatment program they will not only have a medical staff available to help with the detox process, but they will also be staying at the drug treatment center, which makes it much more difficult to go out and get Kadian.

The medical staff can help a person go through the Kadian detox process easier and they can monitor the vital signs and overall physical and mental reactions to the medications. It is important for any person that want to kick their Kadian habit to speak to a professional drug counselor in order to get the right type of treatment. This is especially the case if a person has a severe Kadian addiction and has to go through the tough detox process.

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