What Is Lomotil?

Lomotil is prescribed for the treatment of diarrhea. Diarrhea is a condition whereby a person experiences very loose bowel movements that can occur very frequently. Diarrhea can occur as a result of food poisoning, or bacterial or viral infections or illnesses. Diarrhea can also be caused by certain medications or treatments. Even if there is solid waste present in the first few bowel movements, its appearance is described as “diffuse,” meaning it is spread out or has no form or firmness to it at all. Even during this phase, there can still be a large amount of liquid expelled also. If diarrhea remains unchecked, eventually there will be no solid waste whatsoever; only liquid will be passed. This is when diarrhea can become dangerous, as passing of copious amounts of fluid in a short time can lead to dehydration.

How Is Lomotil Abused?

Lomotil is abused when a person takes the drug even when no diarrhea is present. One reason that this may occur is because Lomotil has a sedative effect, and can caused marked drowsiness. A person who has abused other prescription drugs that are intended for use as sleep aids will often try anything in order to fall asleep; therefore, once he or she learns that Lomotil has this effect, the person may use it for that reason. Deliberately taking too much of any drug, including Lomotil, or taking the drug too often is also a form of abuse. Again, this may happen when a person is using Lomotil for its sedative effect, and not for treatment of diarrhea.

Because Lomotil has two ingredients , when used properly, it has two different effects on the body. the anti-diarrheal ingredient works to lessen the number of times a person has episodes of diarrhea and also helps the body absorb extra liquid so that the bowel movements can become firm again.

The other ingredient works on the smooth muscles of the stomach and intestines, Oftentimes, diarrhea can cause these muscles to spasm, or contract too often. This can cause pain, as well as exacerbate the number of bowel movements that are experienced. Lomotil calms these muscle contractions or spasms, so that the intestines can begin functioning properly again.

When Lomotil is abused, it can cause severe constipation which is the direct opposite condition of diarrhea. When constipation occurs, a person’s bowels will not move as well or as often as it should. This can lead to severe abdominal and rectal pain. In addition, the retention of waste products in the body can actually lead to peritonitis, a serious infection. If constipation becomes so bad that tears or leakage of the bowel occurs, the waste can spread to other parts of the body, causing this condition. This can actually be fatal.

When a person uses Lomotil to bring on sleep, this can lead to breathing being suppressed, which can cause oxygen deprivation. This can lead to brain damage or even death.

In addition, if so much Lomotil is taken that a person has trouble awakening or being awakened, and nausea occurs which causes vomiting, the material vomited can be aspirated (breathed into) the lungs, or it can block the windpipe, again causing suffocation or oxygen deprivation.

Also, if a person suffers abdominal pain, which can often happen when one is going through withdrawal symptoms from drug or alcohol abuse, he may take excessive amounts of Lomotil in an effort to ease that pain. However, often abdominal pain from withdrawal symptoms is not connected with the digestive system; rather, it is caused by other muscles contracting and going into spasms, and it just feels as if one’s stomach was hurting. Lomotil doesn’t help with this at all.

Lomotil Addiction Treatment Options

If diarrhea is caused by a viral or bacterial infection, eating foods that are bland but can cause bowel movements to be firmer, such as bananas and rice, can help control diarrhea. Over-the-counter preparations, such as products containing bismuth, can also help and do not have the same side effects as Lomotil.

If you can safely do so, there are some herbal and natural supplements that can help control diarrhea. Goldenseal root and mango seeds are two such products, but they should be taken exactly as directed. All anti-diarrheal medications should be stopped as soon as diarrhea has cleared up.

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