What Is Methylin?

Methylin Abuse

The consequences that are associated with Methylin can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. If you take a stimulant drug such as this one in a high dosage amount, then you may cause changes in your heartbeat and body temperature and even the potential for seizures or for cardiovascular failure.

When you take some stimulant medications repeatedly in high dosages over time, you can experience a wide variety of other symptoms of abuse as well including feelings of paranoia and severe hostility as well.

Unfortunately, it can become all too easy for Methylin abuse to begin, especially when people mix Methylin with other medications such as anti-depressant medications or cold remedies sold over the counter. Antidepressants, for example, can greatly enhance the Methylin effects, and combining Methylin with other medications can significantly impact your blood pressure or can lead to inconsistencies in your heart rhythms. If you become addicted to Methylin and you are taking it in a manner that is unsafe for you, then you need to consider getting professional medical help so that you can get away from this addiction without having to suffer the unfortunate and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Methylin Abuse Withdrawal Symptoms

If you are taking a higher dosage of Methylin than most people, or if you are taking the medication for longer than most people do, then the likelihood is going to be great that you will experience withdrawal symptoms in the event that you stop taking this medication. Ritalin or Methylin is a highly addictive drug, and so it can be quite easy for you to develop a physical dependency on the drug that requires you to take more and more to get the same effect that you once received, until you are thoroughly addicted and cannot stop taking the drug on your own.

Some of the most common symptoms that are involved in the withdrawal from Methylin or Ritalin include:

  • Extreme Levels of Fatigue
  • Changes In One’s Heart Rate
  • Extreme Depression

The symptoms that are associated with Methylin withdrawal are not life threatening, but they can still be quite uncomfortable for someone who is trying to stop taking the drug. As a result, many people actually end up going back to the drug again after having dealt with the withdrawal symptoms for some time, simply because they are so hard to deal with over time.

Methylin Addiction Treatment Options

Because Methylin can be so easy to become addicted to, you really need to consider what the best course of action is going to be to check yourself into a drug rehab center. These drug rehab facilities are not only intended for people with illicit drug addictions, but they can help you with a prescription drug dependency as well. The reason why this is the best course of action is because it addresses both the physical and the emotional aspects of the addiction, preparing you to walk out of rehab free from the drug and its hold on your body and mind. Make sure that you choose the right drug rehab center when trying to overcome your Methylin addiction so that you can get the best treatment and support while avoiding withdrawal symptoms in overcoming your addiction.

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