Women and Fear of Getting Help for Drug Addiction

There are some unique issues that are often present in women who suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction. This disease has many of the same effects on all people who suffer from it, but women may develop an addiction sooner and have it progress differently.

They might have different health conditions than men do, and they can need different methods of addiction treatment for these and other reasons. It is important for drug rehab centers that treat women to understand the unique issues that are often present.

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One of the most common reasons why women who deal with substance abuse don’t seek help is that they are afraid to. While in a treatment program, they will not be able to take care of their kids, so childcare is often an issue. This is especially true with residential care. They might be afraid of the way their husband or boyfriend will react to them getting help for drug addiction or alcoholism. Oftentimes, these men are the people who got them involved in using in the first place, and it is much more difficult for them to quit as long as they remain with this person. Women also fear the stigma associated with going to a rehab center and what this will mean for their job, personal relationships, and the way they are viewed in their communities.

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Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers who understand these issues can help women to get through the unique difficulties and fears that they face. They may be able to assist a woman in gathering the strength to leave a man who is abusive and/or contributes to her substance abuse problems. Rehab programs that only serve women as patients will have more experience with these things and be able to provide a more comfortable environment for getting professional addiction help.

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